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Visioning from ohana gathering


Parking (2)


better parking facility

parking plan – improve space for our visitors

more parking

facilities – enough quality parking space to easily accommodate all attending members and visitors most of the time

more parking

larger parking place

more handicapped parking (or ones that are enforced)

off campus parking with shuttle service

build parking lot where parish hall is so we can see our beautiful church from the hwy!

parking lot that is safe

have parking that is accessible

valet parking

more parking available so membership will grow

Update existing (15)

updated repaired and purposely multifunctional

make both Hale Aloha and Ohana Lani more functional

remodel Hale Ohana

better nursery facility

improve handicap accessibility (lift on stair for wheelchairs)

better men’s bathroom in sanctuary (one with stall for both urinal and toilet)

refurbish Hale Ohana – maximize pace

buildings well-cared for

replace our parsonage

improve administration & pre-school facilities

A/C sanctuary

renovate property to maximize space like First Pres.

Resource Center – books, music, Bibles, concordance, companion Bibles, etc

an upgraded sound system in the sanctuary

improve current facilities (without expansion)

remodel Ohana Lani

better facilities for meetings

facilities optimization – maximize best use of our campus

an upgraded lighting system in sanctuary

more and upgrade restrooms

remodel/modernize facilities to better fit our mission & present an attractive appearance

refurbish Hale Aloha – maximize space

an air-conditioned sanctuary

restoration & maintenance of existing facilities

phase II of construction completed

much improved signage on highway

remodeled Ohana Lani

tasteful sign on the front building

modernized facilities

No Additional Property (0)

no need to add property

the same size property; no additional land

carefully examine our present resources (land, bldgs, etc) before adventuring afield

maintain & use what we have – don’t need to add property to have vision

hope land purchase will spark plans for using the land we have more efficiently – with building renovation, etc with long-range planning

I can’t accept parking as a driving force for church growth.  It should be the other way around.

Additional Adjacent Property (0)

Expand facilities & land for school & admin growth

Off Campus (0)

Angel Network off campus with their own facility

help Angel Network move to larger space in Waianae w/ and office here

another location for Angel Network Thrift Shop

Use of Property (0)

Encourage community use of our facilities esp. in the evening

...continuing/growth emphasis on joint programming/facility usage w/ neighboring churches and fellow ELCA churches

Grounds (1)

well-cared for – better looking from street

new driveway

improved appearance from highway

upgrade our beach front ground and highway side of old church

beautifully groomed grounds and buildings

New building – existing property (9)

a new education building

build a nursing and youth center

ANC with their own facility

Expanded facilities for programs & CBTS school

New church building w/AC to replace parsonage trailer and main building

Retreat center for wellness – spiritual, physical, mental

move pre-school to own facility

new modern building for school/office

better facility for school

improve school – increase physical footprint to accommodate larger group

new building where parsonage is (Hale Aloha)

tear down Hale and Angel network building built in their places with bridge across for parking

new building with well-planned space – classrooms, acoustics, infant care room

new admin. bldg.

new outreach office and thrift store

teen center

new driveway/ sanctuary maintenance and repair

develop building for schools (both pre-school and Sunday school)

replace Hale Aloha with school ANC building facilities

the old parsonage (Hale Aloha) torn down & replaced with a 2-story building

new Sunday school rooms (bldg.)

Performing arts center


Lay Support (1)

Leadership and mentorship programs – from Keiki to Kupuna

Lay leader training

Strong support from permanent staff for lay leadership programs

Lutheran Roots (0)

More teaching/learning about our church’s Lutheran roots

Bible Study (0)

Bethel education again (0)

Bible study patterned on Bethel

Bible classes for all age groups

Bible Study – home builders for married couples


Bethel program – adult study groups

Bible study, small group in evening with babysitters

An ongoing Bible study program taught by a qualified person

Tuesday Nite Live re-activated

Small bible study groups or groups which talk about theological philosophical issues

Sunday school (5)

Active parent participation in Sunday school

Sunday school with 100 children, youth and adults

Vibrant, exciting Sunday school program during church service time

Vibrant Sunday school with a strong pool of teachers

Sunday school, same time as worship service

Sunday school at same time as worship (for kids)

Sunday school for kids after keiki sermon

Church group for kids at another time than Sunday morning before church

Pre-school and beyond (5)

Build up strong education.  Committee to evaluate entire program – goals, recruitment, training or possible renovations

No high school on campus

Expansion of Montessori school

New Montessori preschool

Expanded preschool – more students, new facilities

Expand school up to third grade

Thriving, expanded Montessori school

A pre-school with elementary grades, parent education and service center

Pre-school functioning well with all the resources they need

Integrate pre-school, Sunday school resources/facilities

The school grows and thrives in numbers and space

A Lutheran grade school

More emphasis on child care and education

Expansion of pre-school with new or remodeled building

Miscellaneous (0)

Regular training for staff

A great lending library on campus

Community events, seminars, workshops, guest speakers

Parenting classes (Christian-based)

Adult education – bring in top notch, quality lecturers and scholars on a yearly basis

Inner Youth Program (2)

an increasingly effective youth program

strong youth program

improved youth presence (hooray!! we’re on our way)

increased attendance at Sunday school (Ex. PK = 4 kids now)

youth program groups in strength and numbers

youth program that interfaces w/other youth programs – island-wide

strong, viable youth programs

solid programs in place for each age group w/high, consistent attendance

thriving, vital, growing youth program

very active youth group – size 100+

interesting and engaging youth programs/Sunday school

exciting services on the level of worship to draw and retain young people

Youth Leader/Pastor (2)

a youth leader on staff that connect with our teens and provide meaningful programs for them

permanent staff member in charge of children’s worship

hire a ½ time youth director

staff youth pastor

youth music director

youth pastor/lay

Diaper Changing Tables (0)

baby changing tables in both bathrooms

Youth Choir (0)

children’s choir

a youth choir

youth choir

Quality Child Care (0)

child care available at all church functions

child care at all church events

quality care for our keiki

Teen Groups During Service (1)

youth programs during church to keep non-attending youths busy

vibrant teen group

College Age Groups (1)

a good program for college-age youth

a youth program large and strong enough to provide separate programs for middle school/junior HS/HS and college

an active JR/SR high youth group with an associate pastor

20-something Christian Education (0)

solid, highly attended weekly program

discussion about life as a Christian

young adult activities (20 something)


Congregation (0)

Growth in congregation and enthusiastic participation

Multi-ethnic and multi-cultural features not to be a primary goal, but a welcome outcome

Growing membership

Angel Network Charities (6)

Increase support for ANC

ANC in its own building

Support for ANC to quadruple

More participation in ANC by congregation

Continue to carry out and expand Angel Network mission’

Support ANC taking over management of Weinberg Village in Waimanalo

Angel Network helping people who come to the door more than sufficiently

ANC grows to reach the whole community; we don’t own it, we support it

Our Community (1)

Doing service out in the community as a Calvary group

Community involvement, HIS, trash pick-up, assist aged, etc.

Global Community (0)

Willing support for the global community through the ELCA

Fuller support of worldwide mission

Education (1)

More lay leader training to increase participation

Growing Sunday school

Pre-school families integrated with church; we are one

Outreach in Community Programs (2)

reaching out to the public – not just with preaching but with good example in aloha spirit

very BIG outreach/evangelism program – “out” /visible to the community we are known for

community center for educating on issues

hospital visitation

assist servicing food to the homeless (IHS) once a month

make dinners for homeless/Angel Network clients – several times a year

permanent staff member in charge of outreach and evangelism

live out our new mission statement on all fronts – where we youth thru work, play, etc

visible congregation in the community

expand ANC – more outreach for families & children

ANC & Homeless Outreach (2)

windward/Waimanalo outreach

outreach to the homeless - ??? sermon

more volunteers @ ANC

grow ANC

Greeting Follow-up Growth of Congregation (0)

fill the church at 10:00am service

at least 50% Hawaiian-born and or people of color in congregation

some growth in size of congregation

welcome committee for everyone

a program of purposeful and immediate follow-up on new visitors, assigning them to a long-standing member as “buddy” or mentor

a pickup service to bring people to church

Programs (3)

continued programs to entice young people to want to come participate and stay

laughter workshops

weekly special programs like big name speakers to offer to community

many programs on campus – most nights a week: couple, spiritual group, speakers, workshops, senior citizens

program for special ways to reach out to community and visitors

active committees with good solid membership working on new ideas for: evangelism, education, property use, worship leaders

ACTS as an inter-congregational program

ACTS program active, perhaps with some modifications


ACTS entering is 29th year

ACTS serving out in the community

Web-based Communication (0)

web-broadcast of services and special programs

interactive web-based services

interactive membership services

a computer program that connects us all and each person connected to 2 or 3 others so that if they are not in church on a given Sunday, they can get a call saying “you were missed”

improved web site updated frequently

Love Fun Media (0)

A media ministry radio and/or TV

love based evangelism

daily unconditional fun


Enhance Existing (5)

More constructed worship in balance program

Exciting spiritual and musical worship services

Liturgical, meaningful, thoughtful, intentional

Fun and vibrant worship

Purchase a badly needed, new 7-foot piano

Brief, succinct appropriate announcements

People continue to come and join our fun loving ‘Ohana

Worship/fellowship that is “age-related”

Triple the size of Performing Arts at Calvary

Worship is fun, educational and enticing to all (members and guests)

Sacred Dance group of 25-50 people

I want to keep having fun

Hawaiian (0)

Hawaiian language study utilizing Hawaiian language bible and Hawaiian hymn book

More Hawaiian language in worship

More songs in Hawaiian

Hawaiian services monthly

Hawaiian sermon

More People (0)

I would like to see a full-house on Sunday, not just special church holidays

Attendance increasing by not using the same advertisement but finding something different (to catch the eye, heart and soul)

More young families in attendance

Three filled services per week

I want to see a joyful church community with laughter, song, dance and frolic united in God’s love

More Service Times (1)

One service on a non-Sunday time

More worship opportunities (no matter attendance)

Saturday evening contemporary service

Requirement for three services because of attendance

Sunday School During Worship (1)

Sunday school classes for children during the regular worship services

Sunday school held at the same time as the church service

Children over the age of 5 to be in church listening to God’s word, instead of playing on the playground or destroying the bride/groom’s rooms

Find a way to include children in worship activities

More Contemporary Music (1)

Organ music

Christian Rock band

Christian Contemporary music

Timely, contemporary Christian music

More totally unfamiliar songs but sung by choir

I  would like to see great music

Keep Arthur Harvey as music and worship person—what a great asset for us!

Prayer Study Groups Innovations (1)

A unique type of worship to incorporate the diversities of the congregation and the uniqueness of the community

Continuing balance between traditional modes of worship (even experimentation in this regard) w/”newer” worship forums

Home-based prayer worship

Five different weekly bible study groups:  men, women, youth, seniors, singles

Three hundred people at worship

Inter-church sharing (partnership w/neighboring congregations)

More adult bible study classes

Clown Sunday w/Lisa Kimsey


Communication and Education Around Stewardship (0)

stewardship education program

more congregational involvement time, talent and tithe

educate congregation on fiscal state of church

increased communication into community about CBTS

total family stewardship

have a well-planned stewardship program to increase out budget funding and endowment and decrease our dependence on wedding income

increased ownership/responsibility by congregation in support & participation of programs

Less Dependence on Japanese Weddings (0)

no more dependence on Japanese weddings income

no dependence on Japanese wedding income

increased giving by congregation – less dependence on Japanese weddings

lose Japanese weddings as primary income source

wedding income: pay for professional admin staff salaries, mission to ANC, retreats

Financially Stable (2)

a truly balanced budget

increased giving so that we can increase our % of $ to missions

increase mission support each year – total % of budget of church

develop revenue producing programs

$1 million endowment

inspiration to give – money, food, time

financial stability and forward funding. ie: get the resources arranged first, then do the thing (living on the edge is not the goal, it’s an occasional occurrence

concerts as mission fund-raises offered consistently  - 3x year?

Increase Stewardship (5)

have more people giving financially to the church

increase in our own stewardship

5x current stewardship levels

giving greater than contract wedding income

offering bowl at front door – not passed

electronic giving by 80% of members


Senior Pastor (2)

A non-European senior pastor

Call a pastor who is diverse and secure within him or herself

A “charismatic” pastor, ideally under 50, perhaps a woman

Still have the same pastor we choose after Russ

Pastor that does know me by name and gives a sense of caring for members

A strong pastor with passion and vision

Pastoral Team (0)

Pastor and Asst pastor team

Another full-time pastor or youth pastor

Staffing (0)

Solid group that is nurtured and given what is needed to get their job done

Evaluate salaries for all, and raise those for women

Open campus 24/7 (staffing)

Well paid staff; no burn out

More help for office

Keep pastoral and administrative functions mutually supportive, but otherwise separate

Additional Staff Positions (4)

Hire permanent playground monitor

Receptionist (I am not the receptionist)

Someone to type all new visions up

A staff maintenance person who can set up and take down as well as fix everything

Pastoral care position

Professional church administrator to lead and support staff

FT or PT maintenance person/caretaker

Hire a part-time handy man to keep property up

Top notch janitorial service

Singles (0)

Group (0)

singles ministry

programs that being each group together in support

singles Christian

group for singles

a strong singles ministry/programs

Single Parents (0)

single parent support

Couples (0)

Retreats – women's/couples/youth/singles

Bible or worship group for young marrieds / young singles

group for parents w/ young children

Mature Adults (0)

Programs/Activities (0)

program for 50+ age group

adult programs that are fun!

fun activities for “mature” adults

Elderly/Frail (2)

Outreach (2)

loving, caring for seniors

program to support elderly/especially our ill members

outreach to the elderly in the congregation

Programs (0)

a ministry for aging

special get togethers : dinners for the elderly or golden achievers

seniors activities center (day care)

program that brings elderly & youth together nurturing each other

a ministry for persons with disabilities

Involvement (0)

stronger senior citizen involvement

Groups (3)

Spiritual and Personal (2)

“Tues Night Live”

re-emphasis (as in ACTS, Bethel, and Tues Nite Live) on programs that emphasize personal transformation

strong small group programs and mentoring

Da Kine (0)

expanded programs for youths, young adults, parents, elderly and special needs – outreach for others

Social (1)

social awareness group dealing with injustice in society


more group and social activities

summer family camp  eg. neighbor islands

expand PAC

Age (0)

intentional “age related” groups

group somewhat like Baby Hui

Sex (0)

women’s group on weekends

multi-generational women’s group

strong men’s ministry & mentoring

Fellowship (1)

Women’s Group (0)

women’s group, which meets at a time convenient for working mothers

daytime women’s group for all ages

many groups for members to join: women’s group, book of the month, parenting, support for personal growth

Eating Events (1)

more church picnics/events

pot luck after service

sunset pot luck

Outdoor Events(0)


campouts ? like Homelani

congregational events (camping/worship over a weekend)


Hula (0)

double size of hula halau

vibrant growing halau

Community Involvement (0)

increase sense of close community/fellowship

a number of smallish, face-to-face progs. where members can get to know each other

know your neighbor

evening forums on community and national/issues

CBTS community building events.  ex. monthly Wed. night dinner yearly talent show fun things!

hospitalization followup

Participation (0)

fun fellowship activities

increase interchurch activities

daily fellowship activities

family activities

everyone belonging to a small group of their choice

more emphasis on social/spiritual events

Other (1)

Volunteerism/Participation (1)

Improved volunteerism

Members begging to run for Council of Deacons

Overflowing participation by members at meetings such as this one and annual meetings

More lay participation than relying on same people or staff

ELSC/Lutheran Organizations Involvement (0)

More involvement with the larger church

Ecumenical activities

Leadership in interfaith initiatives w/emphasis on Kahala and Hawaii Kai (E. Oahu) corridor