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CBTS Bylaws

Section I.


      A. All congregational meetings shall open and close with the Word of God and prayer.

      B. The President of the congregation shall preside at the congregational meeting unless the meeting decides otherwise.

      C. Five percent of the voting members shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.

      D. Members of the Council of Deacons shall serve no more than two full consecutive terms and Officers shall serve no more than three consecutive full one year terms as an elected member without a break of at least one full year. No one, except for the pastor(s) shall serve more than six consecutive years as a voting member of the Council of Deacons During this one year break in service a person may not be appointed to fill a vacant position on the Council.

    E. In the following cases the vote shall be by ballot:

     1. To elect the President and the Secretary.

     2. To adopt or amend the constitution or bylaws of this congregation.

     3. To sever official connections with the pastor.

     4. To suspend or dismiss any officer of the congregation.

    F. The order of business at the annual meeting shall be:

      1. The minutes.

      2. The Reports of:

                  The Pastor

                  The Council of Deacons

                  The Treasurer and Auditing Committee

                  Other Reports

                  The Nominating Committee.

      3. The election of officers.

      4. Accept a budget for the ensuing year.

      5. Unfinished business.

      6. New Business.

Section II.


A. The Nominating Committee shall:

                  1. Be convened by the Pastor and/or the President in an advisory capacity. Thereafter a chairperson from their midst will be elected and he or she shall call and preside at each subsequent meeting.

                  2. Nominate one or more candidates for each office to be filled, which shall include:

                              a. Church officers: President and Secretary.

                              b. Council of Deacons;

                              c. Nominating Committee members;

                              d. Other offices, which may be specified by these bylaws.

                  3. Ask each candidate to serve the full term of office if elected.

                  4. Announce the nominees and their qualifications to the congregation with the notice of the annual meeting.

                  5. Accept nominations from the floor providing that the nominee is present at the meeting to deliver both his or her qualifications and consent to serve.

B. The Audit Committee shall:

                  1. Audit the financial books and records prior to the annual meeting and also at least once during the year without prior announcement.

                  2. Report their signed findings to the congregation in writing and include them with the annual report.

C. The Staff Support Committee shall:  

                   1. Meet at least quarterly or on notice of the convener designated by the President.

                  2. Provide support for the Pastor and Church Staff as specific in the letter of call.

                  3. Recommend needed changes in staff support to the Council of Deacons.

                  4. Meet with the staff both individually or in groups, as required; Meet with the entire staff in attendance at least once a year.

D. The Executive Committee shall:

                  1. Supervise the Staff Support Committee support of the Pastor according to the letter of call.

                  2. Prepare the agenda for the regular and special congregational meetings and meetings of the Council of Deacons.

                  3. Act as personnel committee in the absence of a separate committee for that purpose.

                  4. Act as budget and planning committees in the absence of a separate committee for those purposes.

E. The Call Committee shall:

                  1. When a pastoral vacancy occurs, notify the bishop of the synod who will assist them in providing interim pastoral services and the call process.

                  2. Study the congregation's mission and pastoral needs and share the results with the synod.

                  3. Gather descriptive information about the congregation, e.g., history, pictures of the church and grounds, directory, map, congregational mission statement, annual reports and other pertinent information.

                  4. Receive recommendations of nominees from the bishop or synod call committee for study.

                  5. Evaluate pastoral candidates by interview and other means; furnish information about the congregation and its mission to each candidate.

                  6. Recommend one candidate to the congregation at a special meeting called for that purpose.

Section III.


      A. Applicants presenting letters of transfer from other Evangelical Lutheran Church in America congregations shall become members of this congregation as soon as their letters have been received and the Council of Deacons has accepted their names.

      B. Applicants shall present their applications to the pastor, who shall counsel with them to determine whether they will join by affirmation, through baptism or by transfer. The pastor shall present their names to the Council of Deacons for acceptance.

      C. A member of the congregation who has not attended worship services and has not contributed money to the Church during a consecutive twenty-four month period without good cause shown shall be deemed inactive and removed from the roll of members.

Section IV.


A. The President shall:

                  1. Preside at all meetings of the congregation, the Council of Deacons, and executive committee.

                  2. Coordinate the work of the committees of the congregation or established by the Council of Deacons and be an ex officio member of each committee.

              3. Deliver the annual report to the congregation.

              4. Execute letters of call; and,

                  5. Be empowered to sign checks up to $1,000.00 on behalf of the congregation. The Treasurer shall countersign any check above this $1000.00 limit or any other person so designated by the Council of Deacons.

B. The Secretary shall:

                  1. Record all proceedings of the congregation and Council of Deacons.

                  2. Keep attendance records of each Council of Deacons' meeting.

                  3. Announce all congregation and Council of Deacons' meetings.

                  4. Assist the President on agenda items, calling attention matters deferred or referred to committees for further study and recommendations.

C. The Treasurer shall:

                  1. Supervise the financial procedures, records and investments of the congregation.

                  2. Advise the Council of Deacons at each regularly scheduled monthly meeting of the Church's current financial status regarding income, expenses and budget

                  3. Be empowered to sign all checks on behalf of the congregation up to a limit of $1000.00. Any check above this $1000.00 limit shall be countersigned by the President or any other person so designated by the Council of Deacons.

                  4. Deliver the annual financial report to the congregation.

                  5. Recommend written financial policies and procedures for cash management, e.g., annual budgeting, fund accounting, and annual audit to the Council of Deacons.

                  6. Be appointed by the Council of Deacons at their first meeting following the annual meeting of the Congregation or as soon as practicable thereafter;

                  7. The Treasurer shall pay out moneys only on the order of the Council of Deacons.

D. The Vice President shall:

                  1. Perform the duties of the President in the President's absence, incapacity or at the President's request.

E. The Council of Deacons:

                  1. It shall be the duty of the Council of Deacons to plan the program of the congregation and to take such steps as are necessary to effectively carry it out.

                  2. The Council of Deacons is to take such steps as are necessary to carry out a program of Worship, Christian Education, Stewardship, Evangelism, and Church Discipline in harmony with the Constitution and resolutions of this congregation.

                  3. The Council of Deacons shall make recommendations at the annual meeting of the congregation relative to its welfare and future program.

                  4. The Council of Deacons is the custodian of the property of the congregation, and is responsible for its maintenance and development.

Section V.


All committees and organizations handling funds within the congregation shall submit accounts to the Treasurer at least ten days prior to the annual meeting, and the Treasurer shall include such accounts in his or her report to the meeting.

Section VI.


The Pastor is required to keep accurate records of his or her ministerial acts in a book, which shall remain the property of the congregation. The Pastor shall report these statistics to the congregation annually, and when required, to the Secretary of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

Section VII.


These bylaws are deemed superseding in nature and shall replace any and all existing bylaws and/or continuing resolutions, which may exist.

Adopted by the Congregation
February 16, 1997