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Wapo in Oahu! Monday!
Servant Fair!
Servant Fair!
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Wapo in Oahu! Monday!

Posted by: Pastor Tim Mason on Mon, Jun 30, 2008

We have completed our first day of camp here at Camp Erdmans

June 28, 2008


Monday at Camp Erdmans, Wapo in Oahu!!!


Check out photos:


We have survived our first day, so far… it is only 7:30 and we are preparing to hear a concert from a band from the Wahiawa Filipino Church of the Nazarene Christian. I listened to their “warm-up” and I am sure they will really get this place rocking!


Last night was very hot and the kids were excited about being here. The registration went well and the Wapo counselors are very much in charge of the program. Our group is made up of many Lutheran churches from all over Oahu, plus some people who just heard about the program and joined us.


Breakfast was very good and soon we were into morning Bible study. After lunch we had archery and climbing! Many of us have neither done either activity before and soon there were campers were looking like Spiderman and Spider girl going up the climbing wall and Robin Hood and his merry men and maidens letting the arrows fly… under complete supervision of course!


We tried to take a rest in our cabins for a while but it was just too hot, but soon we were in the pool cooling off and feeling great!


The food here at Camp Erdmans is very good and it is served “family style.” Little by little the members of our cabins are establishing relationships and becoming friends.


After dinner we had our traditional Wapo style, “Servant Fair.” During Servant Fair, the counselors and pastors “serve” the youth by washing their hair, giving hand massages, putting shaving cream in their hair to make some outlandish hairdos, and just being fun and silly with the campers. I will have some pictures going up on the website covering all this frivolity!


The concert has started and the kids are really rocking out. Should be fun, and hopefully a quiet night full of sleep!


Good night all!


You are Blessed!


Pastor Tim