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Tuesday at Wapo!
Servant Fair!
Servant Fair!
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Tuesday at Wapo!

Posted by: Pastor Tim Mason on Wed, Jun 11, 2008

We are into camp life! The theme for today is "Servant-hood"

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Tuesday June 10, 2008

The day begins and it is cold, but the skies are clear and we are thankful for that

Andrew went off to ride horses in the morning. Rumor has it that the mosquitoes were rather vicious, but he survived to tell the story, so that is okay... it builds ‘character.’

 The theme for the day revolved around “servant hood.” At dinner there was special dinner worship where the counselors did a skit about the time when God provided ‘manna’ for the Israelites as they journeyed through the desert. They were told not to hoard, or store up, manna, as it will only last for one day. The manna was given to teach the people of God that 1) all food is a gift from God 2) they are to trust God for giving them what they need 3) only should use only what they can eat 4) be sure to make sure everyone has their daily manna. When they hoarded the manna it meant that they were only thinking about themselves and not trusting God; and therefore the manna would spoil even only after one day.

Each camper was charged with ‘serving’ another camper at dinner. That meant they were paying attention to the needs of the their neighbor, not just themselves, and providing their neighbor with the food that they needed for that meal. The kids were given a discussion guide to talk about during dinner after the skit. It was very well done.

After supper was the ‘Servant Fair.’ The Servant Fair is when the counselors do all sorts of silly tngs to ‘serve’ the campers. There is a station where they wash the campers’ hair, there is another station where they make funny hairdo’s, paint fingernails and faces, carry campers around like a taxi service, write their names in Chinese characters, answer ANY question the camper may have, and just have fun. 

After the Servant Fair they went down to campfire to sing and see some more skits. As we were watching, a bald eagle flew right over the beach area and some loons ran across the glassy lake trying to take off.

After canteen, sugar-fix, they went off to see a special skit using the shadows of the actors against a white screen. They acted out various parables of Jesus, the story of Moses and other texts that highlight the faithfulness of God. Stevie was very moved.


Us older ones, went off to bed at this point, but the campers went back to their cabins for more activities evening devotions and then lights out. We still heard campers asking questions from devotions until 11:00 p.m. when we were trying to sleep.


Kids have questions and insight, they want answers and they want to contribute to the life of the church.


Another fine day here at Camp Wapogasset… it looks like rain for Wednesday and Thursday… I wonder what the counselors will have in mind?