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Approved Minutes September 2015 Approved Minutes September 2015

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Approved Minutes September 2015

Posted on Fri, Sep 18, 2015

Calvary-by-the-Sea Lutheran Church

Council of Deacons Meeting

September 17, 2015

1) Call to Order and Roll Call The meeting was called to order at 6:03 p.m. Present: Lisa May Montano, Pastor Tim, Monika Day, Geoff Hamilton, Jennifer Welch, Cheryl Tuitele, Paul O. Jones, Jon Osorio. Susan Lord came at 6:30. Also attending were Tom Poole and Shelby Yuu.

2) Devotions Devotions were led by Pastor Tim.

3) Approval of Minutes from the August Council Meeting Approved unanimously.

4) New Business

  1. Sunday School Proposal Pati Kickland, Jeannie Evans, Kelly Holden

Pati spoke and proposed Sunday School during the 10:00 a.m. service. They proposed that Sunday School would begin after the keiki sermon, and continue through the service with some children returning for communion. There is a lack of volunteers for the Sunday School teacher position, so they are proposing a paid teacher position. They are willing to assist and feel that other people would volunteer to assist as well. There was a consensus for approval and an Education Committee consisting of Lisa May Montano, Pastor Tim, Pati Kickland, Jeannie Evans and Kelly Holden was formed. Other volunteers can join this committee. Cheryl motioned for approval and Monika seconded. Unianimously approved. The committee will come back to the COD next month with a proposal for a job description and salary.

5) Reports

a) Montessori Preschool Jennifer Welch reported that the preschool is fully enrolled and off to a good start. On September 24th, she will hold an informal Parents’ night to update the parents on the transition to a new director and answer questions about the school activities.,

b) Music and Worship Tom Poole reported:

c)  Pastor’s Report


Treasurer’s Report

a) May Financial Reports (Kim Bock) The full report is on file in the church office.

7) Old Business

a) Congregational Survey (Kim Bock) Table until next month. Geoff will work on this as well.

b) CBTSMS Director Search - Job Description (Jennifer) The job description was sent to COD members via e-mail. Paul motioned to approve. Jon seconds. Unanimous. Jennifer will begin the advertising of the Director position immediately.

c) Capital Building Project (Pastor Tim) Jennifer proposed that a Capital Building Project committee consisting of the head of ANC, Preschool Director, Pastor, Building and Grounds chair, Director of Worship, and one other congregation member who has shown interest, be formed. This committee will help create some “concrete” building proposals for ANC and the preschool toddler area. Please call the church office if interested in volunteering. The COD approved the formation of the committee. Pastor Tim will arrange for the initial meeting.

d) Air Conditioning Hale Aloha (John Collins) Jennifer will contact John Collins to inquire about purchasing 3 solar fans for Hale Aloha.

8) New Business

a)Organ (Tom) Tom Poole presented a report about the deteriorating condition of the current organ and recommends the purchase of an Allen Model L-332 (50 stops, 3 manuals) organ. The Allen is the recommended model for tropical, seaside locations. The price, including a trade-in of our current organ, is $73,097. Ina has had 3 different fundraisers, and the Dale Noble service gave half of the donations to the fund. There is $2,164.46 in the fund. Susan moved that we pay the first installment on the Allen model L-332 organ. Monika seconded. Unanimous. Jon proposes a 12 week fund raising campaign to offset the cost of the new organ. Jennifer seconds. Unanimous. Tom will order the organ.

b) Church Renewal Module (Tom) The COD discussed using the “Church Renewal Model” program to explore ways to move the congregation forward. After discussion, it was decided to complete the congregtaional survey first.

c) Amazon Smile (Jennifer) Jennifer began discussion about using Amazon Smile as a fundraiser for the Calvary By the Sea Montessori School. As the church is the 501c3 non-profit entity and the school is a mission of the church, the COD discussed how to use the funds to support the school. Susan Lord motioned that all monies raised by the Amazon Smile program be designated to Calvary By the Sea Montessori School. Seconded by Jon Osorio. Unanimous.

9) Adjournment and Closing Prayer

10) Next Meeting: October 15, 2015

   Discussion: Approved Minutes September 2015

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