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Calvary by the Sea Lutheran Church & Montessori School Calvary by the Sea Lutheran Church & Montessori School

Our Thoughts & Prayers Are With... Our Thoughts & Prayers Are With...

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Dr. Arthur Harvey
Myklyn Dillard

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Our Thoughts & Prayers Are With...

Posted on Fri, Mar 13, 2015

We would love to pray for you!

Our Thoughts and Prayers are with...

Being able to communicate with God on behalf of ourselves and someone else is a great gift God gives us. We ask that you join us in the this gift. You can phone in their names and requests (808-377-5477) or e-mail requests to  We also ask that as prayers are answered that you submit their name again for a thank you to God for answered prayer.


Alicia & Celesta

Alohilani Kaleikau

Angel Network

Arthur Harvey

Beverly Twing

Bob Blew

Brandon White


Carmen Terra

Cheryl Reed ‘Ohana

Christensen ‘Ohana

Cindy Chow-Lapshies

Cristen Clark

Daralyn Pomroy

Day ‘Ohana

Della Turle

Denise Timmerman

Domenic Patti

Dorothy Ako

Doyle Cox

Drew Keith

Dr. Francis Johnson

Fleeger Family

Fornaro Family

George Ho

Gina Choi

Herve Montagne

HKRC Residents

Hoffmann Family

Jack & Shirley

Jack Aaron & Family

Jadon Sansgaard

James Rosenberry


Jesse Jones Family


Johanna Rozzi

John Remus

Jonathan West

Johnson Family

Judy Joseph

Judy Kimsey

Judy Magin

Julie D.

Justin Dunn Family

Kalani Osorio

Kai Lapshies

Kayla Simmons

Kim Tath

Laura Sprowls

Lilianani Maslonka

Lisa Chaffin

Liz Miles

Lorraine M.

Louis C.

Machiko Somiya

Mackenzie Pagano

Mahon ‘Ohana

Marty & Jen Welch

Meghan Mix

Mick K.


Miller ‘Ohana

Milton Okamoto

Myklyn Dillard

Nancy H.

Naomi Pickerel


Nick Pang Family

Nicolle Strighill

Olga Bohne

Pamela C.

Paris Lindsay

Patsy Chong

Pearl Tranetzki

Poremba Family

Ramos Ohana

Rex Adelberger

Rhonda Chaffin

Robert Smith

Sage Kong Kee

Schmitt Family

Schultz Family

Sharon Nakaue

Sheri Botsai

Shirley Forge

Shirley Hansen

Skip Boulton

Son Yoon

Susie Ahern

Sylvester Family

Tiffany Tyner

Tina Howard

Tonga Ho

Ulf Andersen

Victoria Macalino

Vince Rozzi

Virginia Velci

Wright Family

Youngman Kwon


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