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Meeting Notes for March 2007 Meeting Notes for March 2007

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Meeting Notes for March 2007

Posted on Thu, Mar 29, 2007

recorded by Garret Pick

Evangelism Meeting Notes
March 27, 2007
Present: Pastor Tim Mason, Sherri Clark, , Betty Hardaway, So Young Namikawa, Garret Pick, Tom German
Excused: Marilyn Hamada
  1. Discussed possibility of choir members serving as greeters. Decided that they would be too busy practicing for this to be practical.
  1. Yukio Hamada has composed a letter to be sent to inactive members. He is having a few others review it. Will continue working on this project with Linda Cluney.
  1. Picture Sunday the last two Sundays. About 20 new pictures taken and sent to Linda Cluney to import into the member’s database. These will be included in the next edition of the directory.
Tom reported that Linda Cluney will contact us about assembling membership directories.
Garret to contact Tom P. and Stephanie H. about bio information for website.
  1. Pew cards for visitors may be better than having ushers hand out the current visitor cards. These would require some sort of box or holder in the pew. A tear-off tablet may also work. An easier, short term solution may be to include a “tear-off” in the bulletin.
Decided that we will try to use the same thing that First Pres. has. May have two separate pads – one for visitors, one for prayer requests. So Young will get sample from First Pres. Tim will ask Stephanie to put tear off in bulletin.
  1. Need to start sending letter to visitors from Pastor Tim. Evangelism Team will make follow-up phone call. Tim to check if we still have a form letter to send to people sign the guest books. Susan G. may have a letter.
  1. Discussed possibility of ordering more post cards after the current supply is used up. SoYoung will use a professional photographer or at least a different picture. Tim to include post card in visitor’s letter.
  1. Bob Joseph has created a draft brochure to handout at Taste of East Oahu. Eventually, we’d like to have a color glossy brochure.
  1. Tom has heard from Marilyn that we need help with Silent Auction. Specifically, solicitation for more donations.
  1. Need to better publicize events like Hang Loose on the Beach and Hikes with Mike. Staff is doing better job of advertising in newspapers. Need a banner for BBQ on beach. Betty to call Mr. Sign and order something like:

Beach Potluck
Friday 6:30
“Join us”

along with some kind of graphic – no shakas.

Bulletin board outside of sanctuary may help publicity. Tom to ask Mike P. if he is interested in creating a bulletin board. SoYoung to ask COD about installing a permanent bulletin board?
  1. Tom Poole interested in doing some sort of art/music event. Tim will invite Tom to an Evangelism Team meeting.

The next meeting will be on Tuesday, April 17, 2007 at 6:30PM We may meet at So Young’s place.
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