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Meeting Notes Meeting Notes

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Meeting Notes

Posted on Wed, Dec 7, 2005

Evangelism Meeting Notes
December 6, 2005
Present: Garret Pick, So Young Namikawa, Steve Webb, Susan Gruetzmacher, Betty Hardaway, Sherri Clark
Excused: Pastor Tim
  1. Japanese Bibles
The new shipment of 500 New Testaments has arrived and the team spent the first part of the meeting checking that first page of each Bible was printed correctly. They all looked good so we have requested that Linda pay the invoice for this shipment. We will continue to monitor the quality, but are hopeful that the initial box we received was just a one time problem. So Young will pursue getting credit for the three Bibles which were misprinted. The Bibles were also moved from Pastor Tim’s office to the sanctuary storage and usher’s closet. Many thanks to SoYoung for leading this project and communicating the idea of the preprinting our custom Evangelical information in the front of the Bible. She has greatly streamlined the logistics of this ministry effort!
Another shipment of 500 Bibles should arrive in January.
The team briefly discussed improving the text (different fonts) and switching to a different vendor for the next shipment in the fall.
The team has also requested that Linda provide them with the lock box combination whenever it is changed so that we have access to the storage.
  1. New Members
Susan reported that we already have approximately 5 candidates who have submitted applications for membership. She will follow-up with Alice to make sure all 5 have been sent a welcome letter.
The team would like to schedule the next new member sessions in the spring after Easter. Garret with work on scheduling this with Alice and make sure that Pastor Tim is available on the dates, etc.
Team discussed the last reception and thought that the sandwiches were popular and that we can buy less food next time. We will also make name tags available.
So Young and Betty offered to call two newer families that we have not seen at church for a while just to let them know they are missed.
  1. Updating membership
Garret spoke with Linda and she will generate a list of members that we can send a letter to asking if they still wish to retain their membership. She suggested two letters, one for folks now living on the mainland and another for inactive locals. Our by-laws state that a member is considered inactive if they do not attend services or make a contribution of record over a period of 24 months. Our goal is to complete this project in the spring before the new membership directory is printed.
  1. Evangelism Event
The team intends to focus on this as the next major project. Pastor Dahle is scheduled to lead the event on Thursday,March 30th at 6:30PM Our initial focus will be on community publicity so we hopefully have a large turn-out. The team will each bring a list of ideas to the next meeting such as newspapers, banners, flyers, postcards where we can advertise the event inexpensively. We also plan to have Pastor Dahle introduced to the congregation at the Sunday service before the event.
Betty will obtain a bio from Pastor Dahle and a description of the healing seminar for the next meeting that we can use in the publicity.
  1. Website
Garret has begun training Alice on website administration and also added her bio and picture to the website.
  1. New business
The team once again spent a considerable amount of time discussing the worship service at Calvary and what we can do to try to make it more attractive to potential new members. Steve will be composing a list of our ideas which we intend to share with the worship and music committee and Pastor Tim.
 Susan closed the meeting with a prayer.
The next meeting will be on Tuesday, January 3rd, 2006
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