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Meeting minutes from Feb 2007 Meeting minutes from Feb 2007

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Meeting minutes from Feb 2007

Posted on Wed, Feb 28, 2007

recorded by Tom German

    Meeting Schedule-March and April          
     March 27---6:30            
     April 17 ---6:30            
  Phone Roster:
    Everyone On? X            
  Recording Secretary:            
Gracious Volunteer: Mr. Garret Pick---MAHALO!
"NEW BUSINESS":              
  GAME PLAN FOR 2007:            
(IN ternal or              
 EX ternal)
IN GREETING VISITORS & GUESTS Plan A: Have Choir do it--Tom to see Lisa Kimsey (per Marilyn's discussion)
Plan B: Stay with status Quo
IN FOLLOW-UP: VISITORS & GUESTS E.T. to Rotate Weekly within committee to accumulate names & correspond
Locals: Phone call (generally pre-scripted)
Visitors: Form letter/card to off-shore visitors
Tom to find form letter or card in church files
IN NEW MEMBERS:   Orientation Sessions (4 weeks each)
E.T. to organize 2 per year (more if necessary)
1st in 2007: June
Tom to arrange date with Tim and/or Stephanie
Reception ( at culmination of new member introduction ceremonies)
E.T. to organize 
IN  MEMBERSHIP DIRECTORY: to be updated annually
E.T. to organize--Tom to contact Linda Cluney re:
non-active members to be called
E.T. to split-up calls to inactive members & document results
to be updated annually
E.T. to organize & execute --Garret to take photographs
Tom to notify Stephanie re: posting a date in 
 bulletin giving 3 weeks notice and noting that
pix will be taken "from 8:30 A.M."
IN  CHURCH "PROMOTIONAL" BROCHURES: Need to be finished prior to Taste of East Oahu (late April)
Bob Joseph is developing--Marilyn to contact Bob re: any needed assistance
EX  TASTE OF EAST OAHU: E.T. to execute---Marilyn to direct
EX FRI. BBQ ON BEACH & SUN. HIKES W/MIKE: E.T. to develop more ways to promote & increase participation
ES ONE MORE COMMUNITY EVENT IN 2007: E.T. to develop for implementation after Taste of East Oahu
ET Agenda Feb 07.xl
   Discussion: Meeting minutes from Feb 2007

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