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Meeting Minutes for January 2007 Meeting Minutes for January 2007

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Meeting Minutes for January 2007

Posted on Fri, Jan 12, 2007

recorded by Pastor Tim

January 8, 2007

Evangelism Team Meeting

Members present: Marilyn Hamada, Sheri Clark, Garret Pick, Tom German, So Young, Pastor Mason

Tom has been chosen to be the new leader of the Evangelism Team, we are so thankful to God for the work So Young has done on behalf of the church and Gospel.

So Young reported how the growing churches are growing by using many groups meeting the many different needs of the different kinds of people in their church. The affect of home groups and small groups helps increase the opportunities and flexibility for more members.

First Presbyterian Church fed about 3000 people. So Young was deeply impressed with there were 20 to 28 people on the stage and the people sang all the Christmas song all within 1:15 minutes. It was a very big production. I suggest that Pastor Tim shorten the sermon with more content.

1. Taste of East Oahu. Checklist was distributed (items accomplished as of 1-9-07).
- Same stipend for each restaurant.
- Doug Olson to serve Hagen Daz ice cream. Looking for someone to put on toppings.
- Le Bistro will send a gift certificate for the silent auction.

LOGO! Refer to Marilyn.

- Silent Auction

- Information tables

- We really need a church brochure describing the church

We need descriptions of the youth program, the camp and reasons, “why I want to go to camp.”
- Description of the pre-school etc.

Regarding plates: Black Styrofoam is adequate.

We will need baby-sitters for the children of the parents of church members. Staff children will be free.

- Garret to call retired police officer friend to help with security.
- All the working staff will be provided with meals. But we need to make sure everybody will also get some time to visit as well as work. Personnel coordinator will coordinate worker schedule.

- Give tickets to Shigeis and Baer.

Next meeting: February 6 at 6:30

The Evangelism Team needs to look at the guest book to see the names to call and contacts.

Could we resurrect the Holly Trolley Christmas tradition? What would the cost be and how would it be distributed among the participants? Could we make sure there are moneys available for people that could not afford it?

What could we do for single adults after church on Sundays? Maybe planning a time to eat together and then an activity?

Question: Is our mission statement too vague? Maybe we should think of something that is a little more specific.
Should we re-think our church mission statement? Our present statement is: “Sharing the Blessing of God’s Grace With Aloha.”
“We are called to proclaim, teach and live the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”
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