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March 31, 2005 COD Pastor's Report March 31, 2005 COD Pastor's Report

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March 31, 2005 COD Pastor's Report

Posted on Thu, Mar 31, 2005

March 31, 2005 Council of Deacons Pastor’s Report

Stephen Ministry will be a great aid in expanding our visitation
abilities, but the program will also need support in regards to
organizing volunteers etc.

We hope to continue New Member Classes in May concluding on the first
Sunday in June

We have concluded our study of the commandments.
Eric Fleming will be confirmed on June 5.
Fund raising activities for the West Coast Youth Gathering Breakfasts,
car washes etc.

Sunday School:
Classroom locations have been marked.
We need more teachers and substitutes
We will need to look at a more comprehensive look at our “Education
Team” rather than just a “Sunday School.”

The worship and music team has been meeting regularly with Arthur
allowing more people to offer ideas and participate in development and
actual doing of worship.

March 19 at 6 p.m. Prayer Vigil marking two years of war in Iraq. About
14 people participated. Dr. Bob Joseph arranged most of the vigil using
Sojourners Magazine.

Pastor Mason, along with Pastor Karen Perkins, participated in the
“Blessing of the Oils” Worship at St. Andrew’s Cathedral on March 22.

Palm Service use of the ‘ti’ leaves was very meaningful. Many thanks to
all who brought palms.

Maundy Thursday was arranged according to the “traditional” order of

Good Friday worship went very well. I am especially thankful for the
how the dance, music, signing, candles flowed well and connected with
the special meaning of the night.

I am very thankful for all the effort and ideas that were put forth by
so many to make our Lenten Journey and Holy Week such a great success.
Could we use the same “Journey to the Cross” for next years Lenten
Theme for the Easter Season revolves around the Colors of the Rainbow.
Each color has a thematic message.

Biggest issue for Worship & Music Team and Evangelism Team: Organizing
of the ushers and greeters into more of a team. We have guidelines and
have had some training, but we need a “point person” who organizes the
ushers and greeters according to the specific needs of each worship
service or event.

Memorial Service conducted for Janelle Loui on March 11, 2005 at 4 pm.
The Loui family live near the church and our beach has been a gathering
place for their family for years. Very well attended at about 150 or
more people.

Prayer Clusters have been a significant source of spiritual growth, joy
and expression for all who have participated. Thanks to Margie and

Annual Meeting and Council Retreat: Many thanks to the staff and
volunteers who worked so hard to put together the annual report and
make arrangements for the meeting and retreat! Special Thanks to all
the group leaders helped us facilitate the discussions and “visioning”
for the retreat.

Fellowship: Special thanks to Michael and all the people who helped
with the cleaning and applying of shellac to the pews. This was a VERY
BIG job. It isn’t just that the work is necessary for the maintenance
of our pews, but the actual doing of the project, brought people
together and helped strengthen relationships. I would highly encourage
a once a month, BBQ on the beach fellowship time! Bring guitars,
ukuleles, dancing feet and something to grill!

Hopes: We organize Teams, Team Chairs and schedule meetings with Pastor
Tim and Team chairs to talk about individual team goals and support for
the year.

Looking to the future: The Hukilau has requested Calvary by the Sea
Lutheran Church to be the host church Bishop Hanson for worship and
assembly on January 28, 2006. Bishop Hanson is coming to Hawaii to
extend his understanding of the Lutheran Church in Hawaii and
relationships with the various cultures in Hawaii. Bishop Murray Fink
will be the host, the Hukilau will be the main sponsor and all our
ecumenical partners will be invited to attend and participate.

1) Would Calvary by the Sea Lutheran Church accept the role as the
official host for this event?
2) Would Calvary by the Sea Lutheran Church be willing to accept some
of the cost to host the event?

The Hukilau with Carl Crosier working as the worship subcommittee
chairperson would plan all the details for the worship service.
   Discussion: March 31, 2005 COD Pastor\'s Report

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