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Greetings from the Philippines!
Pastor Tim and others with little Stephen and Josephine
Pastor Tim and others with little Stephen and Josephine
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Greetings from the Philippines!

Posted by: Pastor Tim Mason on Sat, Feb 14, 2009

Pastor Tim visits Compassion International Projects in Davao and Manila

Greetings to you all from the Philippines! 

Many thanks to Hawaiian Island Ministries and the generosity of Compassion International for hosting a group of 29 pastors and others on a trip to Davao in Mindinao and Manila in the Philippines.

Our travel to the Philippines went very well. We arrived in Davao and began our journey staying in the Marco Polo Hotel.

On the first day out we Mt. Apo Student center (PH 574). Compassion International has several program to help poor children get adequate health care, an education and above connects them to a church and community. We visited children who were part of a Child Survival Project. These children were supported from infancy and therefore the support gave their parents (especially their mothers) hope and relief. The conditions these children grow up in is beyond what most people living in Hawaii can imagine. There is poverty and there is "squaller," we witness incredible squaller. 

We also spent time with youth that were supported most of their lives and if they qualified were allowed into the LDP (Leadership Development Program), these youth were inspiring in their abilities to look beyond their "poverty" and to the truth of hope that was given to them through faith and the support of churches and individuals that have supported them throughout thier lives and now is helping them get through college. Many of these LDP graduates left the squaller of their shanty homes to become engineers, lawyers, doctors, teachers and even workers and leaders of Compassion Child Survival Projects. 

I have been moved beyond my imagination (and you all know what kind of imagination I have!, and inspired to encourage all of our members to become a supporter of a child affiliated with Compassion International! We pastors are also looking at a common project we can all support here in the Philippines, but those thoughts are still in the prayer stage. 

I look forward to seeing you all and sharing with you all I have learned and experienced here in the Philippines. We will begin working on a Compassion Sunday that will feature the opportunities we have in supporting a child as individuals, families, a sunday school class, the men's group, as a church or however we feel the Spirit leading us!

Please look for my Compassion Pictures as well on our website!

See you in Church!

Grace and peace,

Pastor Tim