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Friday at Wapo
Mighty, Mighty, Scoop Noodle Challenge!
Mighty, Mighty, Scoop Noodle Challenge!
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Friday at Wapo

Posted by: Pastor Tim Mason on Fri, Jun 13, 2008

Our camping experience comes to an end... almost!

 June 13, 2008


Friday at Wapo


The kids were “partying” late into the night last night. The floors are covered with potato chips and cheese puffs. They will be busy with clean-up this morning!


I had trouble getting to sleep last night, and that means I had trouble waking up. The campers received breakfast in bed… what a cushy camp! But the day is dry, clear and beautiful. The kids go off to chapel and return to their cabins to clean up and do their last Bible Study. At 10:30 they are off to play the best game in the world, “Mighty, Mighty, Scoop Noodle, Challenge.” Everyone has been waiting for this game, if anyone understands it they can explain it to me… they use noodles, footballs, Frisbees, gator balls and tons of creativity. The entire camp plays down in the soccer field. It is particularly good for a game today as there is plenty of soggy grass and fresh puddles! I heard some kids were using a huge muddy puddle for a “slip and slide.”


We then ate lunch and cleaned our cabins. For lunch we had hot dogs, aka “tube steaks,” as cabins out in the bright sun.


At 2:00 there was the final worship on the beach where Loren Teig gave a final address to campers and parents.


The week ended on a wonderful note. Jason, the driver who picked us up at the airport, took us back to Minneapolis and we checked in to the Fairfield Inn in Bloomington, right across from the Mall of America.


We buzzed over to the big mall for dinner and made plans for the next day. Some of us returned to the hotel for a swim and to go to bed. Others, went adventuring with Stevie, rumor has it the played Putt Putt Golf for the first time.


It sure is nice to be in beds with sheets and pillows. We are looking forward to our day at the Mall tomorrow.


Grace and peace to all,


Pastor Tim