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Annual Meeting Draft Minutes- February 19, 2017 Annual Meeting Draft Minutes- February 19, 2017

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Annual Meeting Draft Minutes- February 19, 2017

Posted on Mon, Mar 27, 2017

Calvary-by-the-Sea Lutheran Church

Congregational Meeting

February 19, 2017

Draft Minutes











Mary Pat Ashby’s full written report is in the 2016 Annual Report and on file in the church office.









In late 2015, we retained an Engineering firm to conduct a survey of the property and create a phased maintenance plan for the next several years. In early 2016, we received the results of the reserve study and started working on the suggested repairs. Major projects accomplished this year include:




1. Renovated the facility and kitchen

2. Teaching: First cooking class yesterday with Chef Steve

3. Pay it forward









Jon Osorio introduced the nominating committee: Linda Hansen, Bryce Harken, Pam Fajima, Pastor TimMason, Tim Sprowls (until nominated for President) served on the committee.

At 9:59 a.m., the election was closed by Tim Sprowls.


The Calvary By the Sea Lutheran Church has adopted Guidelines on Distribution of Gifts. This policy was approved at the 16 December 2004 Council of Deacon meeting and affirmed at the 20 February 2005 CBTS Annual Meeting and states:

These guidelines apply only to undesignated (no donor restrictions) gifts of $25,000.00 or more that have been accepted under the 2004 CBTS Gift Acceptance Policy (item 5.13) and reviewed under the 2004 CBTS investment Policy.

Distribution of gifts:

When a gift is received the Council of Deacons should consider these priorities for the distribution of funds:

  1. Council consider giving a percentage to Missions that corresponds to the percentage of total Mission in the current CBTS budget. For example, if the current budget gives 16% to missions, that is the percentage that will be designated to support Missions. This needs not be limited to the current CBTS budget mission designees.
  2. Council consider payment toward CBTS debt reduction or elimination.
  3. Council consider new or existing requests for emergency or non-programmed purposes.
  4. Council consider adding to the CBTS Endowment Fund.
  5. Council consider maintaining a minimum reserve fund as part of the budgetary process.


This year’s Legacy Gifts include the Heffrin Fund and the Lau Fund. Council recommended spending the Heffrin fund over two years with the allocations listed in the report. We are open to which missions we will give to and are asking for suggestions from the congregation. Submit a written request to the Council of Deacons.

Discussion of the 2017 Budget:

From the discussion:

Further discussion:

Vote on the Amended budget:

Kelly Holden motioned to approve the Calvary operating budget not to exceed $1,073,132.00 Seconded by Lea Del Castillo. Unanimous.

Election results:

 For President of the Council: Tim Sprowls 51 votes

 For Secretary of Council: Jennifer Welch 48 votes

 For Council of Deacons:


 For the 2018 Nominating Committee:


Geoff Hamilton announced that the candidates are elected.


Marty Welch motioned to close the meeting.  Monika Day seconded. Unanimous.

Tim Sprowls announced next year’s annual Congregational meeting will be on February 18th, 2018.

The service continued with Communion.


Respectfully submitted,

Jennifer Welch


Council of Deacons


   Discussion: Annual Meeting Draft Minutes- February 19, 2017

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