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"Fear Not Little Flock" "Fear Not Little Flock"

Fear NOT
Fear NOT
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"Fear Not Little Flock"

Posted on Thu, Aug 11, 2016

Luke 12:32-40

August 7, 2016


12th Sunday after Pentecost


Gospel Text: Luke 12:32-40

32 ‘Do not be afraid, little flock, for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.  33 Sell your possessions, and give alms.  Make purses for yourselves that do not wear out, an unfailing treasure in heaven, where no thief comes near and no moth destroys.  34 For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

Watchful Slaves

35 ‘Be dressed for action and have your lamps lit; 36 be like those who are waiting for their master to return from the wedding banquet, so that they may open the door for him as soon as he comes and knocks.  37 Blessed are those slaves whom the master finds alert when he comes; truly I tell you, he will fasten his belt and have them sit down to eat, and he will come and serve them.  38 If he comes during the middle of the night, or near dawn, and finds them so, blessed are those slaves.

39 ‘But know this: if the owner of the house had known at what hour the thief was coming, he would not have let his house be broken into. 40 You also must be ready, for the Son of Man is coming at an unexpected hour.’




This has been an emotionally tough week, but through the difficulties I has been eye-opening.


It began with a dear friend dying in his sleep Sunday night. I was asked to be the one to tell the staff at Island Divers Hawaii.  Larry was 60, full of years and wisdom. The staff is made up of young professional divers whose job it is to keep people alive while they enjoy the beautiful cathedrals which is our ocean.  They don't know anything about death.  I was invited because one of the leaders openly admitted, “we aren’t good at this kind of thing.”  For almost all, it was the first time they began to think about their own mortality… The first time… and they began to realize how short life really is and the importance of savoring every second of our existence.


Then, I learned about Chuck McKeon, a long time member of Calvary by the Sea Lutheran Church.  He simply fell of a ladder.  Later in the day he felt dizzy and was taken to the hospital.  There was blooding in the brain, and I saw him in intensive care.  We thought he might recover to some extent, but he deteriorated and is now in Hospice.  One day he is jolly as ever, doing his repairs, and then he is looking at the final days of his life.


Then, on Facebook I saw this amazing testimony by a hospice nurse who, after working 13 hours helping a family and being with another patient passing, she gave thanks for the privilege of being with people at one of the most important moments in their life, their last moments, their last breaths.  But she felt this uncontrollable desire to pull her car over to make a video telling all of us to cherish every moment, don't over stress the small stuff, reconcile differences and only look for the good in things.  Life is too short to waste it on the petty arguments and differences. Don't let yourself get distracted with all our responsibilities and worries.


Abram was too concerned/worried about his responsibilities.  God promised that Abram would be a blessing through his ancestors, but Abram was now old and there were no offspring.  He was worried about letting God down… but who owned the covenant, Abram or God? God had to tell Abram that this was God’s plan, and God will be faithful to the plan.  Did God disappoint?


The Gospel text is not about us trying to please God by giving up all our stuff and becoming ascetic monks.  God doesn't need a show from us to be pleased.  Jesus is reminding us that we have already been blessed, LIVE LIKE IT! 


God has created all the blessing we see and are surrounded by, God has created the garden in which we lived. Can we live in gratitude and humble service in caring for God’s garden?


The promise of Baptism means that God has already called us God’s children, there is no striving to please God, there aren’t and list of requirements we need to fulfill to enter into the Kingdom of God, can we live with a heart filled with thanksgiving and joy to this Good News?


God has already sent the Savior of the Universe, yet it is clear that there are many people who have not heard and therefore live lives in fear, trepidation, unknowing, alone and without direction.  Can we summon up in our hearts a zeal and desire to share this good news with all those who have still not heard? If you want to make this world a better place, share the Good News we have already received!




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