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Evangelism Team Meeting Notes Evangelism Team Meeting Notes

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Evangelism Team Meeting Notes

Posted on Fri, Jun 3, 2005

notes from June 2nd meeting

Evangelism Meeting Notes

June 2, 2005


Present: Garret Pick, Pastor Tim, Betty Hardaway, Susan Gruetzmacher, Sherri Clark

Absent: So Young Namikawa, Miki May


Pastor Tim opened the meeting with a prayer.


  1. Calling Lists


Reviewed calling lists one final time and gave Pastor Tim two additional names to contact.


  1. Prayer List


Pastor Tim would like to maintain the list going forward.  Team mentioned that Eda Kaneakua may be a good person to contact with regards to starting a new prayer team that might meet weekly to pray with Pastor Tim in his office.


  1. New Members


We now have five individual names interested in becoming members.  One of the five may be a family, Susan will try to clarify with Tracy.  Susan will talk to Tracy about automatically sending out a letter for Pastor Tim to sign letting the person know that we received their application and when the next new member classes will begin.


Garret is still working with Tracy on the new electronic membership form.  Tracy hopes to have it ready by the meeting next month.


  1. New Evangelism Team members


Garret will ask Steve Webb if he is interested in joining the team.  We also hope that Miki is still interested in being a part of the group.


  1. Membership directory


“Picture Sunday” dates have been posted on the web and in Calvary Calls.  Team does not wish to maintain the bulletin board again this year but may bring it out to publicize for these Sundays.  Anyone else is welcome to display/use it at any time.


  1. Stephen Ministry


Pastor Tim and Sherri reported that the program is well-underway and approximately 15 people attended the first two training sessions.  The goal is to have 6 to 12 ministers trained.  Interviews have begun with the candidates to explain the program in detail and to ensure they are willing and able to make the substantial two year commitment to the program.  Pastor Tim and/or John Travis are conducting the interviews as the trained Stephen leaders.


  1. Japanese Bibles


The team prepared approximately 200 more Bibles for distribution before last Sunday’s service.  Pastor Tim has about six Bibles with crooked inserts he will be using for Bible Study in his office.  So Young has offered to “fix” these.


As soon as So Young returns from her trip, we need to begin the process of ordering another 1000 Bibles so we do not run out.  She will coordinate with Miki.


  1. New business


Betty proposed that the team sponsor/coordinate some sort of event to draw in people from the neighborhood, similar to what Clown Sunday has done in the past.  She mentioned Mark Dahle as a possible speaker for a healing seminar.


Pastor Tim also mentioned the possibility of using the ANC events as Evangelism tools to help the church also.


Sherri Clark closed the meeting with a prayer.


The next meeting will be on July 7th at 4:00PM in Pastor Tim’s office.

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