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Evangelism Team Meeting Minutes Evangelism Team Meeting Minutes

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Evangelism Team Meeting Minutes

Posted on Fri, Jul 8, 2005

notes from July 7th meeting

Evangelism Meeting Notes

June 7, 2005


Present: Garret Pick, So Young Namikawa, Betty Hardaway, Steve Webb

Absent: Pastor Tim, Susan Gruetzmacher, Sherri Clark


So Young opened the meeting with a prayer.


The team is pleased to report that we have another new member, Steve Webb.  He is very excited about serving on the team.  We began the meeting by each sharing the story of how we joined the Evangelism Team and why we have volunteered to serve on it.


  1. New Members


To date, the office has only received applications from three individuals interested in membership.  Our goal is to have at least ten before the classes start in September.


The team also reviewed the letter that Tracy and Pastor Tim send as a reply when an application is received.


Tracy has finished the new application form and it is available on the website and copies will also be available in the usher’s bin.  Please distribute these on Sunday mornings to any vistors who may be interested.


The team also brainstormed to come up with a less intimidating name for the new member classes, such as orientation session, etc.


  1. Picture directory


“Picture Sunday” dates have been posted on the web and in Calvary Calls.  Next month, the team will personally call all members who do not have a picture in the membership database and encourage them to attend one of the Sundays to have their pictures taken.  The goal is have a picture for everyone in the new directory.


Garret is also working with CIS to find a way to merge/customize the databases so we can include email addresses and work numbers in the next edition.


  1. Stephen Ministry


No update.


  1. Japanese Bibles


So Young reported that Miki is in the process of ordering 1000 additional bibles for next year.  These will be identical, except we are requesting they be packaged without the plastic covers so they can be more easily distributed.


The team spent the entire meeting preparing the remaining six boxes of bibles for the Japanese weddings.


So Young is investigating an alternate bible for 2007 that could be pre-printed with Calvary’s custom information, saving us many man hours of labor.  This Bible would also be less expensive (~$12.50).  She will obtain a sample to be approved by the COD.


  1. Evangelism Event


Betty has contacted Pastor Mark Dahle about the possibility of helping us host some sort of community event/workshop at Calvary.  This could possibly be done when Mark is on island for the HIM conferences next winter.  Betty, Don, and Pastor Tim all know Mark and think it would be a powerful experience for anyone able to attend.


  1. Website


Garret has spent some more time with Tracy, training her on how to use the website.  The worship volunteer schedule should now be posted each month.


Garret Pick closed the meeting with a prayer.


The next meeting will be on Thursday August 4th at 4:00PM in Pastor Tim’s office.

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