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Evangelism Team Meeting Minutes Evangelism Team Meeting Minutes

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Evangelism Team Meeting Minutes

Posted on Mon, Nov 8, 2004

minutes from 10/25/04 (taken by Betty)

Members present: Garret Pick, So Young Namikawa, Betty Hardaway
Guests present: John Travis
Members absent: Susan Gruetzmacher
New Testaments for Japanese Weddings:  There was nothing new to report on New Testaments for each Japanese couple married at CBTS.  Ted Hsia is working with Miki May to develop an insert for the bible with a special message from CBTS to the couple.  The Evangelism Team has agreed to assume the responsibility for this project after Ted and Miki review and approve the purchase of the 20 trial run copies. 
Stephen Ministries (Christ Caring for People through People): John Travis made a presentation on this well-established program for congregations which is designed to establish, train and support a lay caring ministry.  Since 1975, the Stephen Ministry Series has made it possible for more than 8000 congregations to organize, equip, and supervise lay caregivers to provide high quality, distinctively Christian care.  The program offers a carefully planned, well-tested step-by-step process to establish a lay caring ministry that works and lasts.  The program provides a biblically based, psychologically sound approach to caring ministry that is thorough but easy to understand.  In order to enroll in the Stephen Ministry Program, the congregation must commit to a one-time enrollment fee of $1675 and must agree to send a team of at least two people to a one-week Leaders Training Course to become Stephen Leaders.  Usually the team consists of the pastor and one or more lay leaders.  These leaders will begin and manage the Stephen Ministry Program and will provide training to the Stephen Ministers in the congregation.  The next available training course on the west coast is in July 2005 in Ontario, California and the estimated cost for two people to attend is $3100.  John indicated that he would be willing to be trained as a leader.  Pastor Tim has informally indicated that he is interested in implementing this program.
The Evangelism Team was very impressed with the proposal and wholehearted  endorsed the suggestion that CBTS begin a Stephen Ministry Program.  The Team recommended that the Stephen Ministry Program be implemented in 2005 and therefore included the start-up costs of the program in our 2005 budget request to the Council.  A total of $5000 was included in our budget request for Stephen Ministries.
CBTS Prayer Team: The Evangelism Team would like to develop a CBTS Prayer Team that would meet on a weekly basis to pray for the needs of the congregation, individuals, the community and the world-at-large.  It is especially important to have a Prayer Team praying for world peace during this difficult time of the war in Iraq.
Update on Picture Directory - The Evangelism Team, with significant assistance from Linda Cluney and Eddie Baladad, published a pictorial membership directory to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of CBTS. The E Team is indebted to both Linda and Eddie for their hard work on this project.  The E Team distributed copies of the directory to members of the congregation during CBTSs 50th Anniversary celebration on October 17.  The Team decided to do one more distribution to members between services on November 21.  Copies will also be available to members at the Church office.
CBTS Website - Keeping the CBTS Website current with updated postings continues to be a real problem.  In order for the Website to be an effective publicity mechanism for the church, it is imperative that a CBTS staff member assume the responsibility for posting and updating Website.
1. Implement the Stephen Ministry Program
2. Develop a CBTS Prayer Team
3. Designate a CBTS staff member to be assigned the responsibility to maintain the CBTS website and act as liaison with the Evangelism Team.
4. Provide as an outreach gift a special copy of the New Testament to Japanese couples married at CBTS.
Date of next meeting:  Monday, November 22 at 6:30 p.m.
   Discussion: Evangelism Team Meeting Minutes

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