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Evangelism Team Meeting Minutes Evangelism Team Meeting Minutes

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Evangelism Team Meeting Minutes

Posted on Mon, Oct 20, 2003

minutes from 10/7/03 meeting (taken by Betty)

Evangelism Meeting Minutes

October 7, 2003

Present: Betty Hardaway, Edna Dunn, Susan Greutzmacher, Garret Pick

Absent: Pastor Russ Creydt (partially), So Young Namikawa

Next meeting: November 5, 2003 5:30PM

Susan presented the new evangelism “business cards” and the team discussed how to best distribute them to the congregation so that they will be utilized most effectively.  Betty agreed to distribute one fourth of them to the Council of Deacons at their next monthly meeting.  Some will also be kept in the church office.  Susan will get reimbursed from Linda Cluney.

The team discussed the tour for prospective new members.  Susan, Garret and Betty will meet Pastor Russ at 8:30am on 10/12 and the tour will take place as a part of that week’s GIFT (Sunday School)

Details for the new member reception on 10/26 were discussed.  Susan will provide a checklist of items based on the last reception.  Catering arrangements have been made with Kristy’s Kitchen.  Garret, Betty and So Young will be present on the 26th to setup the reception, distribute leis, etc.

The progress on the plan to transition to the new web site was reviewed.  Below are the updated actions, owners and dates.  

Web Site Actions

Owner: Garret Pick

Due Date: complete

Contact church historians (Sally Drake, Marlys Everest, Bruce Kau?) and request a one page synopsis of the church’s history to post on the website.  Hopefully, this will begin early planning for the church’s golden anniversary in 50 years.

Update: Garret borrowed historic material from Sally Drake and electronically scanned some of the key documents and posted a one page summary.

Owner: Edna Dunn

Due Date: 11/5/03

Provide Garret and Josh with details of current domain name registration so that it can be transferred to the new nameservers.  Please see

Update: Edna agreed to take care of this when we are ready to go live.

Owner: Pastor Russ

Due Date: 11/5/03

Encourage church staff and others to visit new site and create a profile/account so that we can begin to generate a list of owners/responsibilities for the various areas of the site.

Owner: Edna Dunn

Due Date: 11/5/03

Pastor Russ to provide Garret with an electronic copy (if possible) of the church constitution so that it may be posted on the new site.

Update: Edna volunteered to scan in the constitution using her scanner.

Owner: Edna Dunn

Due Date: 11/5/03

Edna to post church’s “three cross” graphic logo in the upper left hand corner of the new site.

Owner: Edna Dunn

Due Date: 11/5/03

Garret to contact Denise Acklin and begin discussion on pre-school content that can posted to the new site.

Update: Garret reported that Denise would get back to him regarding the web site.  Edna said she would like to be involved.

Owner: Edna Dunn

Due Date: 11/5/03

Edna to begin transferring content from old website to the new website.  This includes calendar, staff/contact, bulletins, worship programs, etc.

Owner: Garret Pick

Due Date: 11/5/03

Garret to provide Edna with URL for accessing new site’s statistics.

   Discussion: Evangelism Team Meeting Minutes
Test · 14 years, 5 months ago
Look forward to see that new calendar here on the new site!

Great work team. Love the new cards too..

You should have them available on Sunday for the new members!


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