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Evangelism Team Meeting Minutes Evangelism Team Meeting Minutes

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Evangelism Team Meeting Minutes

Posted on Fri, Apr 15, 2005

notes from meeting on April, 14, 2005

Evangelism Meeting Minutes

April 14, 2005


Present: Betty Hardaway, Sherri Clark, SoYoung Namikawa, Susan Greutzmacher, Garret Pick

Absent: Pastor Tim


  1. We are very blessed to have two new members on the team – Sherri Clark and Miki May.  Sherri is already involved with Stephen Ministry and Miki with the Japanese Bibles so both will be valuable members right away.


  1. We started the meeting with a somewhat organizational discussion since we have a new chair, a relatively new Pastor and two new members.  We reviewed the council checklist for the Evangelism Team and discussed what we would like to do and just as importantly, want we also do NOT want to do.  With the current size of the team, we feel we can focus effectively on five major projects each year:


    1. New Members
    2. Stephen Ministry
    3. Picture Membership Directory
    4. Website
    5. Japanese Bible


We also discussed that we do not want to be involved with updating the church bulletin board or with Pet Sunday other than to possibly help publicize it.  We also do not wish to be involved with the logistics of organizing the Sunday worship volunteers.  However, each of us volunteers every Sunday and will continue to do so.  We would like these removed from the Council checklist and also will closely scrutinize taking on any more regular projects.


  1. Discussed new member classes for May 15, 22. and 29th.  The team felt that it may be too soon to do another class and we could not come up with more than a few partial names as candidates.  Garret will discuss this with Pastor Tim as well as the list on 4/21.


In general, the team feels that having classes twice a year should be sufficient (spring and fall) and that bigger classes are better to help the new members get integrated into the congregation.


Susan also had the idea of giving people an actual membership application on Sunday mornings.  Currently, we have a difficult time remembering names and getting addresses so this should help and also show the new people we are serious about having them become members.  Garret also spoke with Traci in the office today and she will create a new electronic membership form for the website.  We will then be able to print membership forms from home and bring them to church.  Of course, visitors to the website will also be able to fill out the form directly on the website, print it out and then FAX it to the church office.


Finally, the team would like to do something more for new member than just the monthly Sunday breakfast.  A potluck or something bigger may be appropriate.

  1. Discussed the Japanese Bibles and Japanese weddings in general.
    1. Betty was contacted by Paul Tomita about the production of a video. Garret will follow up and discuss with Pastor Tim next week.  The team feels that this should be part of the CD that UI sells as part of their package.
    2. Garret will contact Mike May about the possibility of getting this video and the Bibles mentioned in the re-negotiated contract with UI this year.
    3. There have been a few complaints about crooked labels and missing labels in the Bibles.  The team will try to improve on this and will also leave some extra labels with Linda and in the usher’s closet.
    4. Team decided that we do not want to try to sell or give the Bibles out to anyone other than the UI couples at this time.


  1. Prayer list in the bulletin seems to not be following the “two-week” policy that Pastor Russ put in place.  Garret will discuss with Pastor Tim next week and we will review again next month.


  1. Team discussed picture directory and came up with the following plan for the 2005 edition:


    1. We will try to avoid re-taking pictures from last year
    2. We will schedule a “Picture Sunday” in both August and September
    3. We will publish/print the directory in October if Linda’s schedule allows
    4. It will be in black and white
    5. We will continue to take pictures of new members on the Sunday they join.
    6. We will add the email address and work phone numbers this year.  Garret has opened a ticket with CIS for this.
    7. We will attempt to call everyone on the membership list without a picture and tell them:
      1. come on one of the two Sundays
      2. send us or a Linda a digital picture


  1. Outreach/inactive member contacts.  Garret will redistribute the calling list on Sunday and the team will work again this month and report back to Pastor Tim at the next meeting.


  1. Team will continue to meet the first Thursday of each month at 4PM if Miki’s schedule allows.  The month of May may be difficult though because Garret’s baby is due and the synod meeting on the mainland is at this time.
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