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Evangelism Team Meeting Minutes Evangelism Team Meeting Minutes

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Evangelism Team Meeting Minutes

Posted on Fri, May 13, 2005

minutes from meeting on May 12, 2005

Evangelism Meeting Minutes

May 13, 2005


Present: Pastor Tim Mason, Betty Hardaway, So Young Namikawa, Susan Greutzmacher, Garret Pick, Miki May, Sherri Clark

Absent: none


Began meeting with discussion concerning Evangelism Team’s and Missions Team’s responsibilities and focus.  Miki expressed concern about being on both teams and if there would be overlap.  She will let the team know if she is still interested in joining the Evangelism team.


Calling Lists


Reviewed calling lists of inactive members and gave Pastor Tim a short list of names he should prioritize to contact.  In general, most calls are well-received and welcome and we will try to continue to do this on a frequent basis.  It also will help feed into the Stephen Ministy programs.


Stephen Ministry


Pastor Tim gave a brief update on Stephen Ministry program and trip to St. Louis.  Program will kickoff  this Sunday.


Prayer List


Discussed the prayer list and how to best maintain and keep it current.  Possible ideas are creation of a prayer team or chain or seeing if the Wednesday night prayer clusters would be interested in using it.


New Members


Susan offered to maintain a list of candidates for the next new members class.  This list will come from membership applications received from the office as well as inquiries by phone.  Going forward, we will review the list at every meeting.


Garret is working with Tracy on the creation of a new electronic membership form.


Set the following dates for the new members:


Sept 18 – 1st class

Sept 25 – 2nd class

Oct 2 – meet the COD/campus tour

Oct 9 – new members received/luncheon reception


Membership Directory


Set the following dates for “Picture Sunday”:


Aug 14 and Sept 11th


At the next meeting, we will divide up the list of names with no pictures in the directory to call and invite to one of these Sundays.


Japanese Bibles


So Young will check the ushers closet to see how many Japanese Bibles remain and schedule with the team a time to prepare more labels.  She will also be the contact for any questions/concerns regarding the Bibles.  She will check with Mike and when and how to order a new supply for next year.


Next meeting tentatively set for June 2nd at 4PM

   Discussion: Evangelism Team Meeting Minutes

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