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Evangelism Meeting Notes Evangelism Meeting Notes

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Evangelism Meeting Notes

Posted on Fri, Aug 5, 2005

notes from August meeting

Evangelism Meeting Notes

August 4, 2005



Present: Garret Pick, So Young Namikawa, Betty Hardaway, Steve Webb, Susan Gruetzmacher

Absent: Pastor Tim, Miki May, Sherri Clark



Steve opened the meeting with a prayer.



Garret will check with Miki if she is still interested in being part of the team and if she has been receiving the emails.



  1. Japanese Bibles



So Young has placed an order for 1000 more New Testaments.  She has also requested that they are not shipped with the plastic covers and if they can be pre-printed with the CBTS-designed insert.  Garret has emailed So Young the soft copy of the insert.  If the Bibles can be pre-printed, then Susan will return the extra unused labels.  SoYoung expects this may cost approximately $21.00 per Bible.



The team expects that they will arrive well before the remaining Bibles are distributed.  Steve and Garret will pick them up and bring them to the church in Garret’s van if necessary.



  1. Picture directory



“Picture Sunday” dates have been posted on the web and in Calvary Calls (8/14 and 9/11).  The team will personally call all members who do not have a picture in the membership database and encourage them to attend one of the Sundays to have their pictures taken.  The goal is have a picture for everyone in the new directory.



Garret/Linda are also working with CIS to find a way to merge/customize the databases so we can include email addresses and work numbers in the next edition.



  1. New members



To date, the office has only received applications from three individuals interested in membership.  Our goal is to have at least ten before the classes/introductions start in September.  We have a good lead on at least two more.  Betty will give an application to Tom German and ask Don to call Ken VonDeylen.



Garret will follow-up with Tracy to make sure that copies of the new membership application form will always be available in the usher’s bin.  Please distribute these on Sunday mornings to any vistors who may be interested.



The team also brainstormed to come up with a less intimidating name for the new member classes and decided on “Introductions”  Steve will call Tracy and have her start using the new name in the publicity (website, Calvary Calls, bulletins, etc)



  1. Stephen Ministry



Betty has submitted her application to become a minister.  The training starts in September.



  1. Evangelism Event



Betty has set a date of Thursday March 30th for the seminar with Mark Dahle.  It’s on the church calendar and Mark has confirmed.  We discussed tentatively having it from 6:30-9:00PM with a refreshment break in the sanctuary.  We’d also like to make it a community event and invite people who have not been to CBTS before.  Details will be publicizied as we get closer. 



  1. Website



Garret has spent some more time with Tracy training her on how to post Calvary Calls to the website.  The worship volunteer schedule and CC’s should now be posted each month.  There are no other outstanding issues we are aware of.





The next meeting will be on Wednesday, September 7th at 6:30PM in the loft.


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