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Evangelism Meeting Notes Evangelism Meeting Notes

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Evangelism Meeting Notes

Posted on Thu, Sep 8, 2005

notes from September meeting

Evangelism Meeting Notes
September 7, 2005
Present: Garret Pick, So Young Namikawa, Steve Webb, Pastor Tim, Susan Gruetzmacher
Absent: Sherri Clark, Betty Hardaway
Pastor Tim offered a prayer to start the meeting..
  1. Picture Sunday/Picture Directories
Last Picture Sunday is this weekend. Garret and Steve will arrive at church at 8:30am to take pictures. This Sunday is also Rally Sunday and the team will be introduced to the congregation.
We will meet with Linda on 10/4 at 6:30pm in her office to help add the pictures to her database and proofread the directory. She will be meeting with John from CIS before then to setup the database with email and work numbers.
Goal is to have the directores ready to distribute for the Gratitude dinner on November 6th. Going forward, we will start publishing a new directory each spring so that the election results can be included.
  1. New Postcards
Susan provided some quotes on getting postcards made at the Copy Shop. These would be available to guests to send back home on their vacations. This idea originated from Norris Sandvold and he has offered to pay the first $100.
The team would like to start with 1000 which will cost approximately $290. Susan and Steve will speak with Norris and we will pursue having them printed.
  1. New Members
We have received applications from approximately 5 families, so we will have a nice-sized group for the the first introduction session on September 18th. The team will call the candidates to remind them about the 18th. The team will try to attend all three sessions.
Pastor Tim would also like to provide the gift of a study Bible or Children’s Bible to each new member when they are received on Oct 9th.
At the next meeting, we need to discuss details concerning some sort of reception for the new members after the second service. Ideas include Pastor Tim’s famous Green Tea and Betty’s famous chocolate cake.
  1. Japanese Bibles
SoYoung provided the following update. 500 Japanese Bibles will be shipped and arrive around November and another 500 will be coming in Jan/Feb 2006. Bibles will have stickers/labels on in Japan.
  1. Stephen Ministry
Pastor Tim reported that we have potentially 10 candidates for ministers and the training will begin on Monday, 8/12 at 6:30PM.
  1. Evangelism Event
No update on next year’s event.
  1. Website
It looks as if we may have to provide several hours of training to the new parish assistant.
The next meeting will be on Tuesday, October 4th at 6:30PM in Linda’s office.
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