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Evangelism Meeting Notes Evangelism Meeting Notes

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Evangelism Meeting Notes

Posted on Wed, Oct 5, 2005

notes from October 2005 meeting

Evangelism Meeting Notes
October 4, 2005
Present: Garret Pick, So Young Namikawa, Betty Hardaway, Sherri Clark, Susan Gruetzmacher, Linda Cluney
Excused: Steve Webb, Pastor Tim
Miki May told Betty she has decided not to be a part of the team.
Garret Pick offered a prayer to start the meeting.
  1. Picture Sunday/Picture Directories
CIS was not able to export the directory with pictures and all the information into a single printout, so we will export two directories. One with all the pictures and only addresses and a second with all contact information. Only members with pictures will be listed in the picture section. Team also decided not to print membership (baptism/confirmed) information.
Team reviewed initial printing and corrected problems in the PowerChurch database. Garret will email Linda a few additional pictures. Team will meet on Nov. 1 to help Linda bind copies for distribution at the Annual Gratitude dinner.
Going forward, team would like to start removing inactive members from the database as this has not been done for a few years. This will be a big project which must be done carefully. We will also start printing only a “spring edition” of the directory starting in 2006.
  1. New Members
A final list of new members for the October 9th was reviewed with Linda and will be included in the directory. No baptisms are required for membership this time. Garret will bring camera to service to take additional pictures.
Team planned a luncheon following the second service. New members will only be received at 10:00 service – not early service.
Garret will purchase food for luncheon at Costco and team will arrive at church around 9am to setup. SoYoung will bring a dozen leis from Le Flowers to present to new members.
Need to start planning for introduction sessions for the spring. We already have one new application.
  1. Japanese Bibles
500 Japanese Bibles will be shipped and arrive early November and another 500 will be coming in Jan/Feb 2006. Bibles will have stickers/labels on in Japan and will not have plastic covers.
There are 180 weddings scheduled for the month of October (double the average) and approximately 125 Bibles remaining. All remaining Bibles have been taken from storage and moved to usher’s closet.
Linda will count number of weddings in 2005 and use in budget for next year. Bibles are approximately $21 a piece but the team is looking at a less expensive alternative with similiar quality.
  1. Stephen Ministry
Training sesssions have begun Monday nights and several members of the Evangelism Team are attending.
Plan is to send 3 people to week-long training session next year in Florida. This will be expensive and we will try to add this to the budget for next year. Linda will check current travel rates and provide estimate.
  1. Evangelism Event
Betty will provide Linda with budget numbers for next year’s event
  1. Budget
Team reviewed last year’s budget and provided Linda with 2006 budget. Remaining details are due by October 15.
  1. Website
Garret has begun training Alice on website administration. Budget for next year should be the same (~$24 per month)
  1. New business
Team spent a considerable time amount of time discussing the length of the second service and believes it is hindering efforts to bring new members to Calvary. Most people do not want to attend a service which is longer than one hour. Team feels very strongly about this and Garret will present the problem to the COD. We have also created a new poll on the website to try to solicit feedback from the congregation and other visitors.
Team will no longer print business cards, but will give away the new postcards to visitors. Postcards have been well-received and we will budget another printing for next year.
The next meeting will be on Tuesday, November 1 at 6:30PM in Linda’s office.
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