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Evangelism Meeting Notes Evangelism Meeting Notes

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Evangelism Meeting Notes

Posted on Tue, Jul 25, 2006

from July 2006 meetining

Members present: So Young Namikawa, Garret Pick, Tom German, Marilyn Hamada, Betty Hardaway and Pastor Tim
Guest: Don Hardaway
Members Absent: Sherri Clark
Don shared information about the results of the Natural Church Development survey for CBTS. The survey indicated that our church needs to improve and develop Passionate Spirituality and Gift-Oriented Ministry. The following suggestions were discussed regarding how we can improve in these areas:
1. Identify those with the gift of prayer.
2. Take time to teach people to pray.
3. Devote a day, or time, for prayer and fasting with your church leaders.
4. Develop gift-oriented ministry. If we don’t have gift-oriented ministry there will be an overload for the volunteers. Therefore, the members need to discover their own spiritual gifts. Without this, there won’t be any church growth and development.
5. Help the members find their gifts through inspirational sermons, Bible Studies and seminars. Once we have these programs in place, we need a “master list,” to keep track of members’ gifts and skills. This list is used to help plug people into the needs of the church. We could train people to be “gift counselors.” The Gift Counselors can help train people when they come to CBTS for the first time.
6. Seek out those with the gift of Evangelism. There are only about 10% of the people with this gift. We need to find these people and make sure they are plugged into evangelism programs.
7. Cut programs that do not contribute to the growth of the church. Concentrate on the key activities, the important programs of the church.
8. Train people in the gift of counseling.
9. Develop the culture of appreciation.
10. Develop a positive atmosphere.
Now, we need to learn about the implementation of this process and figure out the path we want to follow. Will we need a consultant? We have a limited number of volunteers doing multiple tasks. We don’t want to pile work onto people who may have gifts that do not fit the task. We need to look at fitting new people with various activities and tasks.
The following will be implemented to address these areas:
1. Pastor Tim will implement the Crossways Bible Study starting in September.
2. The Evangelism Team will sponsor/host a Movie on the Beach event in September. We need to determine where to put the screen, maybe against the glass door? We will check out the equipment (screen) on the beach during our next meeting on August 1 at 4:00 p.m. The first official Movie on the Beach will be September 23.
3. Taste of East Honolulu will be hosted by CTBS next spring and will be organized and managed by a special committee. This project will require a huge assessment of the gifts of many people. Marilyn will be our contact for this committee.
4. Other suggestions: So Young suggested that it would be good to designate one day a month dedicated to prayer and fasting. We could get together in the morning and encourage each other throughout the day. Also, we can set up prayer stations during communion at Sunday services. We could also have a retreat, a day or half of a day to begin with a brief homily, with a gathering every hour to pray. This could be held at a retreat center, for example, St. Stephens, and could include fasting and prayer- a time and theme to be chosen later. But first we need to identify people with the gift of prayer ministry and see if they would like to use their gifts in this ministry.
Marilyn offered to keep the master gifts list. Betty suggested that we have the new members fill out the “Gift Inventory/Assessment” as part of their orientation. We need more nurturing of gifts. Most people need to be asked to do specific things.
We could also have an announcement table featuring different groups in front of the sanctuary on Sunday mornings. Next to each of these tables, we would have someone asking people to take the gift assessment and gather their information. We could create our own Gift Admission sheet, “Go ahead ADMIT YOUR GIFTS!” and print it on very bright paper. Then we would give the information to Marilyn to be tabulated. Each week a different committee or team could man the table and provide information about their ministry (Stephen Ministry, Centering Prayer, etc.) The Evangelism team would be in charge of assigning groups on a rotation basis to a Sunday.
Could we ask the Property Committee to check into the possibility of putting up an enclosed bulletin board attached to the wall down by the sanctuary? This would help to reduce the need for so many announcements during the service.
Garret proposed that So Young request that the council approve the purchase of smaller and less expensive Bibles and give the responsibility of preparing the Bibles (logistical issues) to the Global Missions Team. The gift of the Bibles better supports the goal of the Missions Team.
So Young will call the office to find four consecutive Sundays; possible dates after October 22. Tim will find out what has happened to the new members’ applications and decide what we can do to follow-up on the last class. Shall we ask the newest members (the last group welcomed to CBTS), to help welcome the next group?
Tom German will give his photo of church with our name in easy to read letters to Dale Noble and the Property Committee. Also Tom will ask Property Committee about a church sign with moveable type, and a small sign telling people that the “Sanctuary is Oceanside.”
Next meeting will be on August 1 at 4:00 p.m..
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