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Evangelism Meeting Notes Evangelism Meeting Notes

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Evangelism Meeting Notes

Posted on Tue, Sep 5, 2006

from April 2006, taken by Steve


Evangelism Team Meeting – Minutes of April 4, 2006 Meeting
In Attendance: So Young Namikawa, Betty Hardaway, Sherri Clark, Garret Pick, and Steve Webb. None were absent.
Approval of the minutes from the March 7, 2006 Meeting
The minutes of our previous meeting were approved with no exceptions.
Review of the Healing Seminar
  • Mostly CBTS members were present at the Healing Seminar. Some guests were from Christ Lutheran in Mililani, at least one was from First Presbyterian, and at least one came because she saw the banner on the front side of the church.
  • Attendance was in the mid 50’s. It was considered a good turnout for the following reasons: 1) Pastor Dahle typically works well in smaller groups. 2) Torrential rains on Oahu for approximately 40 days leading up to the seminar (including the day of) made it difficult for people to attend. 3) With the grass parking lot being closed due to the rain, our parking lot could not have handled too many more vehicles.
  • The food was excellent; the price was even better. So Young had the Subway sandwiches donated for free; the other food had low marginal cost.
  • The rain was a damper for this event, but the success of this has given our committee confidence that we can sponsor other similar events in the future.
  • We were excited about the publicity this gave CBTS and the potential for added new members.
Issues Related to the Property Committee
  • It is no secret that our church has issues with parking, both for our regular church services as well as special events, including weddings. When we have heavy rains, as experienced this Spring, our grass parking area cannot be used. This forfeits approximately 30 parking spaces on our property. It is understood that the Long Range Planning Committee is addressing this issue. 
  • We really need some sort of permanent structure to hang banners and make advertisements relating to events at our church. This may prove to be difficult due to the possible need to obtain City Permits or approval from the City.
Japanese Bibles
  • The prototype of the new Japanese Bibles is on island. So Young will take it to the next Council of Deacons meeting and get it approved by the council. So Young will make a motion so that it will be official, and so there will be record of the Council’s approval on this.
  • 500 Bibles of the old style are en route; we still have plenty of stock on hand.
Potential Growth of the Evangelism Team
  • We would like to add members to the Evangelism Team. The following individuals will be invited to our next meeting in hopes of getting them on board:
  • Ed Kimsey – to be invited by Steve Webb. Ed may join another team in his new role as Vice President, but that has not yet been determined.
  • Tom German – to be invited by Betty Hardaway. Tom is looking to get more involved with the church.
  • Marilyn Hamada – to be invited by So Young Namikawa. Marilyn is very ambitious and would be a great addition to our team.
Parish Assistant
  • It was discussed that Alice will be leaving the church office. While this is disappointing news, we would like to have it worked into the job description for the new hire that they attend our monthy Evangelism team meetings. Steve Webb will send an e-mail to this regard. (Done – sent to Jon Osorio, Linda Cluney, Don Hardaway and So Young Namikawa; Cc: Evangelism Team). Because of the nature of the topics we discuss, it has become very important to have regular communication with a CBTS staff member. 
Miscellaneous New Business:
  • Given the success of the Healing Seminar and the mission of the Evangelism Team, it was discussed that we should have more events of a similar nature, perhaps twice a year. Team members will think of new ideas for these events and we will have discussion at our May meeting. Early ideas presented include a group of Korean Folk Singers or a movie on the beach.
Our next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday May 2, 2006 at 6:30 in the loft. 
So Young closed the meeting with a prayer.


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