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Evangelism Meeting Minutes Evangelism Meeting Minutes

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Evangelism Meeting Minutes

Posted on Wed, Sep 20, 2006

from September 2005, taken by Pastor Tim

September 5, 2006

Evangelism Team

Need to double-check the dates for the “Taste of East Honolulu” Target date could be between April 10 to April 28th. Tom will check other date conflicts and the council notes. Notably, check out the dates for Kaiser High School Graduations.

We really need to invite people to serve on committees.

We need to be more assertive with the follow-up of new members.

So Young brought up the concept of an “Accountability Partner.” We need to look at our congregation to ask people to serve in some way.

The Evangelism Team can help making sign up sheets for this Sunday.

Each chair will need:
1) Vision statement
2) Sign up sheet with the Vision Statement on the top of each sheet.
If the meeting time is already decided, include it on the sign-up sheet.
3) Name, telephone and telephone number of the team leader

Provide a sign up in the bulletin.
Committee names with boxes they can check
Their names, phone number and email.

Regarding the music for worship:
Need songs that “we all know and can sing.”
More songs that are happy and upbeat.
We need more simple happy songs.

Regarding the Japanese/English Bible:
Evangelism Team is unanimously supporting the smaller sized Bible.
The Bible is the standard size for books in Japan.
Our point is not because we are cheap, but because the Bible is the standard size, practical/functional and will look equally as nice.

The purpose of the Bible was to be a gift for the purpose of evangelism, not just as a gift. Therefore, the responsibility of offering a Bible would come from the Evangelism Team. If the purpose has gone away from being a tool of evangelism, to being just a gift from the church, then the Evangelism team does not need to take on this project. If it is only a gift from the church, then it falls out of the realm of “evangelism” and maybe we should just give them a much cheaper gift, a small cross etc.

The purpose of the Bibles is that in giving a Bible, lives were changed, refer to Ted Hsia, and Miki May. Miki May came to become a Christian because someone gave her a Bible.

The project of the Bibles was at the request of the previous council.

We want this topic to be put on the next COD agenda.

Movie License: Garret says we should not do “Movie on the Beach” without a license. We need to follow the law. It would cost (at least) $100 per movie and there are many other stipulations.

The fact that showing it at the church makes it a “public screening,” specifically mentioned in the film copyright.

Suggestion: Let’s brainstorm and come up with something else. Betty may check out the guy at UH…

What about beginning to look at an evening or midweek worship service.
Up-beat praise music

Pastor Tim will find out when we can meet with Dan Chun and inform the committee.

“BBQ without a Cause!”

Oct. 3, at 4:00 p.m. We will need Rebecca to attend this meeting. Would like to talk about new members, letters and follow up.

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