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Approved Mintues- October 2014 Approved Mintues- October 2014

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Approved Mintues- October 2014

Posted on Sat, Oct 25, 2014

Calvary-by-the-Sea Lutheran Church

Council of Deacons Meeting

16th October 2014

Draft Minutes

1) Call to Order and Roll Call. The meeting was called to order by President Jim Myers at 6.10 pm.  A quorum of Mr Myers, Susan Schwichow-Lord, Peggy Trout, Geoff Hamilton, Monika Day, Bryce Harken, Pastor Tim Mason, and Bob Joseph was present.  Apologies were received from Rafael del Castillo, Mike May, Thea Johanos-Kam, and Adam Sylvester. Guests included the Director of Worship and Music Dr. Tom Poole, the Pre-School Director Jennifer Hawkins, and Church Administrator Shelby Yuu.

2) Devotions.  Susan Schwichow-Lord read a devotional from one of the inspirational books by Max Lucado.

3) Approval of Minutes from the September Council Meeting. 

These minutes are not yet ready and will be reviewed at the next meeting.

4) Treasurer’s Report 

4a) July Financial Reports. Ms Trout said that year-to-date income (through 30th September) was $682,927 of which $454,175 was from Japanese weddings and $200,938 was from stewardship contributions. Expenses were $598,223, so income over expense year-to-date is $84,703.  This is due chiefly to significantly larger Japanese wedding income which is almost $79k greater than was forecast in the Budget, and significantly smaller expenses by about $50k that was forecast in the Budget.  In the discussion it was noted that major expense for renovation of the church fabric is scheduled for later this year, so much of the budget underspend is likely to disappear by the end of the year.

4b) Endowment Committee Report.  Ms Trout presented the report of the Endowment Committee.  The Committee received over $100,000 in requests to fund 17 projects, which were submitted by 13 CBTS members/groups. The final recommendations of the Committee were:

Susan Schwichow-Lord moved to accept these recommendations and the motion passed unanimously.

5) Old Business

5a) Review of a policy document for use of campus facilities. (Church Administrator).  A draft of this document is in process.

5b) Hukilau.  The next one is on 1st November in Mililani, and the Pastor urged everyone to attend.

5c) Renovation of the lighting under the Sanctuary hau tree.  (Property Maintenance Committee)  This is still in process.

5d) Church Retreat.  Peggy Trout reported that about 55 people attended, the weather was fine, the food was good, and it was a big success.

6) New Business

6a) Salary increase for the Pre-School Director.  After Ms. Hawkins left the meeting the Council discussed a salary increase for the Director.  The School teachers have received increases of 2%-3% this year, following to their annual appraisals.  The Executive Committee/Personnel Committee had previously discussed this and recommended to the Committee an increase of 4% for Ms. Hawkins, retroactive to 1st August.  Mr. Joseph moved that the Council approve a 4% increase for the Pre-School Director, retroactive to 1st August, and the motion passed unanimously.  Mr. Joseph noted that the Executive Committee was also concerned about maintaining some kind of equity between the Church staff and the Pre-School staff and that in future increases in salary be discussed following annual appraisals for all the staff.  The Council agreed by consensus that this should be the policy going forward.

6b) Air-conditioning of Ohana Lani. The Council discussed this option and the consensus was not to install air-conditioning at this time.

6c) Advertisement for Youth Director.  Pastor Tim reported that he is still working on revising the draft previously circulated to the Executive Committee and so the position has not yet been advertised.

6d) Property Maintenance Committee Recommendations.  Peggy Trout showed pictures of the new plantings on the Sanctuary lanai.  She said the Committee had created a menu of items needing attention around the campus facilities, including:

She noted that most of these are not very expensive and it would be a good use of the current budget surplus to use it for several of these items.  The Council consensus was to encourage the Committee to work through this list and to request Council approval if any of the items would require significant expense.

7) Reports

7a) Montessori Pre-School.  Ms Hawkins reported that the School Fun-Fair was well-attended.  They have been doing tsunami drills with the children.  The Open House is on 1st November.  Several fund-raising projects are about to begin.  There is still a problem for three of the teachers who have not completed a required 120-hour online training program.

7b) Pastor. Pastor Tim said he has a very good confirmation class this session.  He would like to develop a Grief Support Group to supplement the work of the Stephen Ministers.  The Church staff have been involved in the tsunami training.  

7c) Music and Worship. Dr Poole reviewed the planning for all the services for the remainder of the year and into 2015.  He said the Pet Blessing was a big success. The women from the Women’s Community Correctional Center will be dancing and giving testimonies in the services on 16th November.

7d) Stewardship Committee.  Ms Schwichow-Lord reported that there will be a presentation in the services in the next week or so.

8) Adjournment and Closing Prayer.  The meeting adjourned at 9 pm.

9) Next Meeting: the normal date is 18th September.

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