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Council of Deacons Adopts Policy to Protect Children and Youth
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Council of Deacons Adopts Policy to Protect Children and Youth

Posted by: Russ Creydt on Tue, Jul 27, 2004



On July 15 our Council of Deacons established the following policy concerning how we care for our children and youth. We want make our campus as safe as possible for our people. Too many churches in the past have been lax in having protective policies and implementing them. This is why we read about the pain and law suits that so many churches have gone through. We want to protect our keiki and teens and our congregation as much as possible. Here is how we are going to do this.

  1. Worker and Volunteers Selection.
  2. All workers and volunteers who will work with minor children and teens will be screened and have a criminal background check be done. Calvary by the Sea will check out references for every person. If volunteers are new to Calvary by the Sea, they must wait six months before they can assume a role of responsibility. All staff and volunteers must also have attended a "Reducing the Risk Orientation" session conducted by our church and be knowledgeable of our policies and procedures. Pastor Russ will supervise this screening of all volunteers before he leaves in August.

  3. Worker and Volunteer Selection
    1. Permission slips must be signed by parents in order for children or teens to leave the property, or to be alone with staff or volunteers.
    2. Suspicious behavior will be reported immediately to either the Pastor or a member of the Council of Deacons.
    3. There will always be at least two adults present at any event. No adult or teen may take a child or another teen into a room behind a closed door, unless that person has a signed permission slip from the parents.
    4. In order to leave a child in our nursery or child care, the parent or guardian must sign the child in when entering and that same parent or guardian must sign the child out when leaving. This will begin in September.
  1. Reporting Obligations
  2. Staff and volunteers will be aware of and abide with Hawaii state laws that govern the reporting of child sexual or physical abuse.

  3. Response to Allegations

Calvary by the Sea will have a Response Coordination Team named and publicized to address the needs if any allegations arise.

Part of the training and work that our Interim Pastor Russ Creydt has done has been in several congregations where sexual misconduct has taken place before he arrived. This is devastating to the families involved, hurtful for the reputation of the church in the community and extremely costly in legal fees. Jesus taught us to protect the "little ones" and that is why we are now putting this policy into action.

Please, do feel free to volunteer in working with our keiki and teens. This policy not only protects them it protects all who work with them from any unfounded accusations. If you have any questions, please call Pastor Russ or apeak with any of our Council of Deacons. We look forward to a safe future here in which to raise our children.