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Approved Minutes January 2010 Approved Minutes January 2010

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Approved Minutes January 2010

Posted on Tue, Mar 2, 2010

Calvary by the Sea Lutheran Church


January 22, 2010

Present: Nyki Giasolli, John Collins, Yukio Hamada, Pastor Tim Mason, Milton Okamoto, Emilee Stroup

Present on Teleconference: Christiane Lucas

Guests: Marilyn Hamada, Moe Hinkforth, Susan Lord, Jim Myers, Tom Poole

Absent: Kim Bock, Rafael del Castillo, Bob Joseph

Call to Order

The January meeting of the Council of Deacons (COD) was called to order at 6:21 p.m. by Nyki Giasolli, Treasurer, who conducted the meeting in the vice president’s absence. It was determined that a quorum was present.

Prayer & Devotions

Pastor Tim Mason opened the meeting a prayer and reading of devotions from John Powell on love and self esteem best summarized in the statement: “True self-esteem and a true sense of identity can be found only in the reflected appraisal of those whom we have loved."

Approval of Minutes

A motion for approval of the December 2009 COD Meeting Minutes was made by John Collins, seconded by Emilee Stroup, and passed unanimously by the quorum present following one question raised by Milton Okamoto as to the word ‘orgonagram’ used by the secretary to indicate an organization set-up chart that was presented to the council at the last meeting. It was noted that this chart and the job descriptions will be presented at the Communication Retreat to be held sometime after the Annual Meeting as part of the PONO Leadership Grant process.

Stewardship Committee

Tabled until future meeting

Nominating Committee

The biographies and the photographs of those on the nominating committee’s list of potential candidates for COD positions needs to be submitted to the Moe Hinkforth, Parish Administrator, no later than the first week of February in order to include in the Congregational Letter announcing the Annual Meeting. Moe is to call Christiane and follow up on this info.

OYEA Incorporation

UI Local Wedding Contract

Tabled until future meeting

Committee Reports

Worship & the Arts Report  - Tom Poole, Director

Pastor’s Report

TOEO Report

Preschool Report

Montessori Preschool Director Kay Burgoyne had parent’s night and could not make the meeting.  Her report will be presented at the next COD meeting.

Property Committee Report

John Collins, liaison to the Property Committee, announced that Manning Richards had officially resigned as the Property Committee Chair and the committee had not officially met since that resignation.

Pastor Tim reported that he would like the Property Committee to look into installing a chain link fence in place of the white board fence surrounding the yard by the youth trailer and ANC. The chain link would create less places for trespassers to sleep and hide on the property. The chain link would also need a gate.

Audit Report

Two Motions Made

The first motion was made by Milton to grant authority for the Parish Administrator, Moe Hinkforth,  to begin the process of either amending the by-laws to reflect the $1500 amount for check signing or taking whatever action was deemed necessary to correct the by-laws by way of the former resolution. The motion was seconded by Yukio Hamada. Passed all in favor.

A second motion was made by Milton that the recommended Appreciation/Depreciation Schedule for Fixed Assets be reinstated by way of a corrective journal entry to the CBTS accounting system and reflect as corrected on the CBTS Financial Statement. Yukio Hamada seconded the motion and which was passed all in favor.

Proposed Budget

Motion Made

A motion was made by Yukio that the $20,000 expense entry is to be included in the 2010 Proposed Budget by either showing it as an income/expense item or as a deficit to the budget with a footnote describing how these monies will be paid and granting the Treasurer, Nyki Giasolli, the authority to choose which way to best accomplish this task. The motion was then seconded by John Collins and voted all in favor with one abstaining.

Doug Olson Memorial

Annual Reports Due

Annual Reports are currently past due to the Parish Administrator and need to be written and emailed as soon as possible in order to complete the printed Annual Report. Everyone should have these reports to Moe no later than February 3rd.

Meeting adjourned at 9:05 p.m.


Minutes Submitted by Moe Hinkforth

Parish Administrator 

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