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Calvary by the Sea Lutheran Church Calvary by the Sea Lutheran Church

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What is the CBTS mission? 32 Votes 1 Posts Jan 3, 2008
Which service would you be most likely to attend? 51 Votes 2 Posts Dec 11, 2006
How long is your ideal worship service on Sunday morning? 216 Votes 6 Posts Oct 4, 2005
What would you like to be doing JUST BEFORE (within 10 minutes) of worship? (Current Poll) 97 Votes 3 Posts Dec 17, 2004
This year CBTS celebrated 50 years. Which is the first anniversary you remember? 25 Votes 2 Posts May 21, 2004
Have you ever read the church's constitution and bylaws? 14 Votes 1 Posts Mar 8, 2004
How do you see 2004 personally? 2 Votes 0 Posts Jan 3, 2004
What is your preference for Christmas worship time? 2 Votes 0 Posts Dec 16, 2003
Would you be interested in seeing a complete online church directory with members names and photos (no phone number or address, etc)? 4 Votes 0 Posts Nov 21, 2003