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Calvary by the Sea Lutheran Church & Montessori School Calvary by the Sea Lutheran Church & Montessori School

Worship & Choir Team Worship & Choir Team

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    • Worship Team

      Worship of God is one of the most wonderful experiences we can do in life. To encounter God in Word and Sacrament is what our church is about. This does not just happen haphazardly. We have some very dedicated people at Calvary by the Sea who care deeply that our worship will Share the Blessing of God's Grace with Aloha. On this page you can find out more about the themes and ideas we will be exploring in the coming months at worship.

       Please be sure to share your thoughts and ideas about our worship together. And most important, join us as we celebrate the great gift of worshipping God.

    • Tribes duties
      Calvary By The Sea Church
      Sunday Worship Services Check List
      10 a.m. Service

      • Arrive 9:30 a.m. and check coffee and refreshments if any.  There should be two fresh pots of coffee ready for guests coming to 10 a.m. service.  Refill sugar and creamer.  Check coffee after service starts. There should be at least one full pot for the end of service (perhaps two if heavily attended).
      • Check ushers table.  Put 10 a.m. service bulletins on table and children’s papers, if any. (don’t always have them)  Also place typed sermons on table.
      • Double check that guest book is on stand to the right side of center aisle and WHALE is on stand to left side of center aisle. 
      • Flowers and volunteer sign-up boards should be place to the right of the guest book stand.
      • At 9:50, light the two candles on the altar. 
      • At alter, double check that there are enough communion hosts in the bowl for the service, esp. if the service has a special event that would bring in more guests, e.g., baptisms, First Communion, guest choirs, etc.
      • Check that there is enough water in Pastor’s cup at altar.  If not, refill.
      • Place donated food for Angel Network in baskets at alter.  If additional food comes in after service starts, keep it by right side entrance door.

      • At least two ushers should be at the door entry by 9:45 to greet and hand out bulletins to arriving guests.
      • Service usually starts with the blowing of the conch and ringing of the bell (an usher rings the bell). 
      • One usher should stay near the door or desk throughout the service to assist anyone arriving late (give bulletin, help find seats).
      • During the readings, take a headcount of everyone in sanctuary inclusive of babies and even people who may have come and gone or who are sitting outside.  Record this on attendance sheet and place that sheet in pouch in white plastic bin.
      • Pastor will indicate that it is time for the WHALE offering.  One or two ushers should take the whale/stand down to the center floor. (sometimes Whale isn’t done)
      • A few minutes before the Offertory, take out wooden bowls from usher’s closet and place on usher’s table.  Each usher should be assigned the area they will handle during Offertory.  The more ushers, the more you can cover each aisle (there are 5 aisles, so optimally there would be 5 ushers).  AT SAME TIME, WALK DOWN AISLE TO BOTTOM AND, STARTING WITH ROW 1, PASS BOWLS DOWN EACH ROW.  WORK YOUR WAY UP THE AISLES TO TOP ROW.  Combine all offerings into two bowls.
      • During the Doxology, two ushers take the bowls down to the altar to be blessed.  On your way back, bring the whale/stand back up to the entrance area.
      • During communion, be watchful of needing to help get everyone to the communion line and filling in pukas by moving people around or having additional people come down from the pews.
      • As service is closing, there will be one more time to ring the bell.

      • At end of service, put offering money in 10 a.m. service orange money bag, Whale donations in whale orange bag, and if there is a special offering, put that in separate orange bag (if no bag for this, put into an envelope, label and put in 10 a.m. bag noting what it is).  Money does NOT need to be counted, just put into their respective bags and take to church office (Ohana Lani).
      • Deposit all filled money bags into the safe.  Safe is located in back room of the preschool office and you’ll need the key to get in.  Keys are located in lockbox outside Koko Head side door (or get from pastor or music director).  MONEY MUST BE TAKEN BY TWO, NON-RELATED USHERS.

      • Put out recycle box so everyone will toss their papers into it.
      • Blow out candles.
      • Take all items used for communion to the Bride’s room.  Dispose of any left over wine and juice onto grass or plants.  Wash everything and place in cabinet including communion hosts, wooden bowls, challises, etc.  Make sure hosts and wine are locked up in bottom part of cabinet. (Key is in top left drawer inside the alter care binder.)
      • Wash and put pastor’s water cups into same cabinet.
      • Put WHALE away on bottom shelf of cabinet in Bride’s room.
      • Clean up sanctuary of all papers/trash.
      • Check BLUE folders at each pew to look for completed visit & prayer sheets and put these into clear pouch in gray folder in plastic bin.
      • Put guest book into plastic bin along with any unused orange money bags.  Money bag keys go into clear pouch along with attendance sheet.  Take bin to Ohana Lani (if locked, leave near/on piano)
      • Put flowers and volunteer sign up boards into usher’s closet.
      • Bring kneelers/cushions to the top entry area of the sanctuary placing them behind the right and left side pews (not the center pews).
      • Shut all windows and doors in sanctuary.
      • Shut off lights and fans (switches are all in usher’s closet).
      • Lock all doors to sanctuary, restrooms, bride’s and groom’s rooms, kitchen and door leading under the sanctuary.  Make sure all lights and air conditioners in these rooms are off. (A.C. remotes are in kitchen cabinet labeled with first aid box)
      • Take food donations for ANC and recycle paper box to Ohana Lani and put in office if open or leave near piano if not open.
      • Clean up lanai area of coffee, food, tables etc. if no one else has.

      • Pick up bulletin and review/practice the day’s readings before service if possible so that you can go over unfamiliar words with Pastor beforehand.
      • Sit close to podium until you have finished the day’s readings.

      • Generally, three servers are needed at this service.  As Pastor says communion is prepared, walk down to altar.  Pastor will serve communion to the three and then two servers should serve communion to pastor.  Pastor will indicate which direction each set of two servers will move.  Look to see if there are any attendees needing the servers to go to them at their seat (elderly, handicapped, etc).
      • Wording for host servers:  “This is the body of Christ given for you”
      • Wording for wine servers:  “This is the blood of Christ shed for you”

      FLOATER: - Someone willing to be on-deck if needed to cover/assist.