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Sharing the Blessing of God's Grace With Aloha

    Mid-Week Lenten Devotions - 7pm

    Please join us every Wednesday for Lenten Devotions.

    Each week we will focus on a Spiritual Practice:

    March 3 - 2nd Week of Lent - "Listening"

    March 10 - 3rd Week of Lent - "Justice"

    March 17 - 4th Week of Lent - "Gratitude"

    March 24 - 5th Week of Lent - "Letting Go"

    To follow after Wednesdays -

    Palm Sunday - "Courage"

    Maundy Thursday - "Silence"

    Easter Sunday - "Transformation"


    • Worship Information
      March 3, 2021

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      3rd Sunday in Lent - March 7
      Live Online Sunday at 10:00am
      Announcements @ 9:50am

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      Join us for live worship on zoom 

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      Until we meet for the next worship service,

      take extra care and stay healthy!

    • Lenten Schedule

      Join us on Wednesdays for a Lent “devotion” live on Zoom at 7:00pm

      Each week we will focus on  different Spiritual Practices - Schedule to be posted soon

    • Global Mission Update


    • Mahalo to God's Angels

      To the Courageous, Compassionate, Selfless, Essential, Frontline Heroes risking their lives everyday to save ours. May GOD BLESS ALL of YOU and keep YOU and YOUR Families Safe and Healthy!